Saturday, February 9, 2013

Homemade and learn

Shout out to Shannon at Sewing Barefoot for posting a great tutorial on DIY reversible headbands. Like most things, I jumped straight into the project without really focusing on how to do it right.

My first one turned out cute...but WAY TOO SMALL! Wait? You're supposed to measure first? In retrospect, yeah, that makes sense. Instead of a cute spring green headband for me...I ended up with a cute spring green headband for a baby, or in this case, my daughters teddy bear.


As you can see in pic below, my straight stitch had a hiccup. No fear! A green rosette to the rescue! This will only work on a non-reversible headband. Whew, good thing I used the same fabric on both sides.

Take 2: Measure First
Via Sewing Barefoot's tutorial you can click here for a sizing chart. Genius! Pure genius. I like her

My second attempt yielded a headband I can actually wear on my head without it feeling like a vice. While I used the same fabric on both sides, I altered the direction of the stripes. One side is straight lines, the flip side has diagonal lines. My daughter calls it the "zebra" headband.

The fabric for the headbands came from a huge fabric give-a-way on freecycle. The picture below shows only 1/2 of what I picked up. Its taking up some major space in my craft room...but it'll all be put to good use eventually. 


  1. I've had projects like that. I get so excited to do them :) I love fabric giveaways. All of my crafty friends in my office bring me bags of fabric. Drives my hubby nuts, LOL!!

    Take Care!
    Mandy Jean

  2. I love this. These turned out gorgeous! Thanks for linking back :) Can't wait to follow along with what you do next.

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  3. Too cute!!!
    God, I wish I could sew!

  4. What a great idea! This turned out so cute!! You did an awesome job. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. :)

  5. Those are all so adorable...even the one that ended up being *made* for the teddy bear :)

  6. That bear looks so cute in your headband. What-a-model!. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come by anytime but especially for my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop (live now). Would love to have you add your links.

  7. Those are so cute!! I so need to have one when I'm working out, my hair drives me nuts being short and can't go in a pony.

  8. Very cute you I tend to dive right in...being a SAHM like you, I don't always have time to read the entire tutorial...but I think when it comes to sewing - or baking, I need to do a better job at that!

  9. Cute idea! Thanks for stopping by my page today. :)
    Becky @