Baseboard to Boast-board

My kids, especially my daughter, LOVE to color and do crafts. We have PILES of the kids art work in nearly every room except the bathrooms. lol

I've seen several ideas via blogland and pinterest on how-to-create-an-art-display-board. Using what was already on hand, I created two display boards, one for each kid.

Dear Son's Room
Zoo Animal Wall Clings are from Dollar Tree.
Dear Daughter's Room

Baseboard (free from a curb side pickup awhile back)
Paint (I used leftover paint from when we painted their rooms)
Clothes Pins (garage sale find: $1.00 for the whole box!)
Glue of your choice

Wipe Boards clean
Paint, let dry
Attach clothes pins, these are measured at 10inches apart, seems to work for the different sizes of pictures my daughter colors 

Lessons Learned: 
1. I tried sealing the baseboards with this spray that's been used frequently. Unfortunately, the tip was a bit clogged, and instead of cleaning it...I just kept spraying, resulting in an uneven spray pattern. Its a bit tricky to see in the pic below, but the light board needed touch up paint over the globs of sealant that dried discolored. :( Lesson learned: always take the time to clean the spray paint nozzle. 

2. Knowing that these display boards will see alot of traffic, I tried to secure it to the wall with screws. Not sure if all baseboard is pressure treated or if this was super hard wood (curb side pick-up find) but I could NOT get the screws in! After stripping 6 screws I finally gave up and went with nails. Not only was this WAY quicker it was also easier. I inadvertently taught my kids a lesson in how to handle frustration.  Lesson learned: don't force a screw, know when to move on to plan B.


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