One Baking Tray = Two Projects

Starlight Lantern
Another Pinterest inspired idea taken from It was fairly simple to do. ** Caution: the edges are a bit sharp after cutting the baking pan. ** 

used a solar light instead of a candle
pulled stick off and dropped top light in
love, love, love this mason jar!
next to a 32 oz. lotion bottle

cheap plastic baggie (trimmed after photo)
lets light in, rain out

this pic doesn't do it justice, but its awesome looking

Scrap Pumpkins
Then I was left with these fun scraps, the "rinds" from the baking tray: 

Inspired by these fun Industrial Pumpkins at My Love 2 Create I tried to recreate the look. 

my version

Industrial Pumpkins at MyLove2Create

used floral wire to hold together
a cute twirl for whimsy

decorated with scrap fabric and real twigs
more wire twists for whimsy


  1. Cute!! I am so glad you made some pumpkins!! They are so fun! Way to use those scraps, a girl after my own heart!


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