Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Mirror Wanna-be: Pass or Fail?

This frame was a garage sale find. Once home, the glass shattered, so the frame sat neglected for almost two years, completely buried under half-finished and half-forgotten projects. It was rescued back to life while poking around for something to display my Twinkle, Twinkle Book Page Stars wreath

There is a pre-attached wire strung across the back of the frame that I want to keep on. I hate those little tooth-hook-holders on the backs of some frames, I usually end up adding a wire to those because I have an easier time hanging them. Anyways, the wire would be exposed if the back of the frame was taken off. Again, I like the wire...just don't wanna see it.. 

What to do? 

Out came the aluminum foil, stretched a couple pieces across the front, then placed it back in the frame. 

What do you think? 

I like how it subtlety reflects light and doesn't add another competing color (had considered adding scrap book paper to the back instead).

Another option: linen or burlap
The con: would loose the light reflection

original color
painted with acrylic paint: Laguna, by Apple Barrel
distressed to calm down the intensity of the color

So, pass or fail? 

Featured at Love 2 Upcycle: Upcycled Linky Party #33.

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