Paper Beads and Wine

Does anyone else de-stress while crafting & drinking wine? My sister brought some wine from New York and the Grand Valley, Colorado;  they were the perfect pairing with crafting -- cheese and strawberries optional. It helped make rolling paper beads fun. If you've ever made paper beads you'll know that its time consuming, great to do while watching a movie, a long movie. Or catching up on your DVR'd shows. Or having a long conversation with someone.

*  light card board (soda box)
* mod podge for gluing/rolling
* kabob sticks to roll beads on
* paint brushes
* coat hanger & wire cutters

* glass of wine--not pictured, 
it was in my other hand ;)

used a metallic red acrylic paint 

 The kids found the chicken wire by the side of the road and it was the perfect fit for this thrift-ed frame. Score! 
The backing was a scrap of linen leftover from a remnant bin. 
Love it when the bulk of materials for projects are free or cheap. :)

The kids shirts say, "I Love Daddy."

This is a perfect little "greeting" when we first come in the door. Especially as we move closer to Valentine's Day. Who has our hearts? Our family. :)

I totally love how this turned out and want to make more. Thinking of doing mini stars next time. Or a necklace. Or both.

Cheers! & Happy Bead Rolling

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  1. Great idea for a paper beads!
    Well done!

  2. I too enjoy a glass of wine while in the art room creating. Seems to get the juices flowing!

  3. Your beads turned out faboulous! I have quite a few soda boxes I could use for this, I'll have to think twice before throwing them out now! Thanks for linking up to the Curb Alert! Trash Day Link Party! Have a great weekend!

  4. HI! I really appreciate you linking up to the Curb Alert! Saturday Trash Day Link Party last Friday. I would love for you to join us again this weekend and link up any Trash to Treasure projects you would like to share. Hope to see you soon!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  5. They look awesome!! Love that you put it on a chicken wired frame ;-)


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