The kinda-free tie/belt hanger

One winter I dragged my kids out of the house during nap-time to go to a "free house." The residents were moving and offered most items for free starting at 1pm. Usually I'm a stickler for nap-time since its also my nap-time. This mommy turns into a grumpy bear by four o'clock without her rest. Anyways, the bag I brought was too small to hold all my goodies, including this tie/belt rack. To free up my hands I entrusted my then very young kiddos with the awesome responsibility of holding their own winter jackets, the puffy, snuggly, warm coats, not the thin jackets which could easily be tied around their waists. Didn't my children understand that I needed to the ability to carry more free stuff?????? My two year old boy did not get this. Like most two year old boys he was more interested in checking out all the new "toys" to "play" with and at some point dropped his coat...which of course someone else thought was free and took off with it. No joke.

The "PRICE" of the now-not-so-free-stuff:
Its winter, its cold, we're short a jacket and this causes a meltdown (the IRONY here, a meltdown in the snow). He won't freeze walking from the house to the car but let's just scream about it anyways.
Its well into normal nap-time, two kids are cranky and upset (there weren't any free toys like mommy hinted that their **might** be -- my bad for "promising" something that was out of my control to deliver).
This Mommy's arms are FULL of stuff that I REFUSE to let go of and said kids are frustrated that I won't carry them to the car, especially the jacket-less one.
After a diligent search of the house top to bottom, and another arm load of stuff, the jacket never surfaces. Yeah, now we gotta buy a new coat.
Not sure if the items I grabbed equal the cost of a new coat or the therapy I may need from the experience...but lets just say it does. ;)

Enough ranting and raving. On to the crafty part.

Being short on ties, belts, and scarves (we're not an accessory type of family I guess) we had no real need for this hanger. It came in handy, or so I thought, for the kids small jackets and umbrellas. That was the hope, but it was difficult getting to; our jackets blocked the hanger, the rod didn't go up any higher and moving the tie\belt hanger would only lead to the jackets slumped against the floor. ~sigh~
the best of intentions...

1. All items free (the wooden tablets were from a craft box at a curb alert)
2. Used Lake Girl Paints drag and paint technique.
3. Attached a paint stick with E-6000 glue
4. Sketched out bubble letters with chalk, Mod Podged on

love how the paint
blends together

love the sparkle in the paint

Yes, we're home. Now hang up your coat!


  1. Great idea! We made sure we put in a coat closet with plenty of room to hang all the coats up when we renovated. Apparently, that was too much to ask...sooo...we also put in a row of hooks to solve that problem! Your hook is WAY cuter! :)

  2. A nice tutorial and the rack sure makes the closet less full, great idea. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

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