Frozen Inspired Cape

My little girl is truly a girly-girl inside and out. She has adored the Disney Princesses, especially Ariel and Rapunzel, owning 3 different Ariel costumes (thank you garage sales!!!) along with several other princess dress up clothes. She has jumped on the Frozen bandwagon (like so many).

Most of her play dates center around who is Elsa or Anna, and her little brother can play only if he agrees to be Olaf.
 I love the imagination her and her friends put into their pretend play and wanted to add to it, but in an economical $45 costumes here!

A quick Google search yielded several takes on Elsa's blue dress and cape. Inspired by the variety of the recreations I was able to use items already in my fabric stash...except for the white gauze material that I picked up in a remnant bin for a bit over a dollar. (A dollar is my favorite price tag. I swear I'll buy anything if its a dollar!)

First time using iron-on hem tape and I am SOLD! So.Much.Easier! 
I totally hate ironing but it was worth it! 
This piece was "precut." Came from a fabric grab-bag off of Freecycle.
Perfect for the off-the-shoulder top of the cape.

Originally I was just going to make a simple cape with a tie or velcro closure, but my preciously persistent little girl pleaded for sleeves. I have never made sleeves in my life! No clue how to-do. But sure, why not give it a try. There was enough material to make a mistake and start over if needed but thankfully I didn't need to. Not that the sleeves turned out perfect, but they are good enough for a first attempt (with no pattern) and for a dress up outfit that will see its share of wear and tear.


This train is so much fun in the wind!

I think the off the shoulder part of the cape is annoying but she likes it. Here she is trying to convince me that it works as a coat, too, so she can wear it outside. :)

She loves wearing this while singing along with the movie. "Let it go! Let it go!" (stuck in your head, too?)


  1. This is so sweet Audra!! I can see your daughter loves it! You must be on the best mom ever list with her! Great job, and the sleeves look awesome!!

  2. Oooh I like the idea of making the train bit a cape, what a good idea, it looks brilliant!


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