Multiplying (stuffed) Bunnies

This little stuffed bunny was so cute that I had to make more. 

I decided that this time they'd make a cute door-hanger decoration. Add some fabric carrots, tie onto a twisted dry cleaning hanger, and let the kids give them to their teachers for Easter. 

Originally it was supposed to be a Happy Spring gift....but they didn't get finished in time.

I modeled my carrots after Posed Perfection's burlap carrots. Click Here. Mine were made from newspaper, scotch tape, and painted fabric. 

I didn't realize that I'd used a Metallic Red paint to tone down the orange and it added sparkles to the finished product. A happy accident.

you can sorta see the sparkles here

The carrot "leaves" were bows made from dollar store twine and hot glued on. 

This bunny matches my re-covered glider. DD picked this one for her teacher.

 drop cloth and chevron, with cream fabric backs.

drop cloth with denim back

Here's the whole bunch, all those multiplying (stuffed) bunnies.
(they're rockin' those builder's grade faux wood doors)

For some Easter chuckles, check out these billboards from New Zealand. Easter Bunnies Billboard

Featured on March 2015 Creative Craft Challenge.
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  1. Adorable bunnies and carrots! Love this! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Cute bunnies! :) Thanks for sharing...Happy Easter :)

  3. oh my bunnies everywhere! good thing they are so cute and come with their own lunch :) These are so adorable and now I need a few! Thanks for sharing with the creative craft challenge!

  4. Hi Audra. I like your project so much that I had to pin it to my Easter board. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Darlene


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