Ladybugs & Lilies

Winter stubbornly refuses to leave.  Monday after Mother's Day brought a 2 hour delay for school due to the snow and ice. Three days later and its still snowing in spurts. 

Fine then, mother nature, I'll have my own spring indoors.  

I'll have some ladybugs mixed in with my mother's day lilies, thank you very much.
(thank you, dear husband, for the beautiful flowers, they made my day)

folding chair was a curb discard = FREE (& ugly & dirty)
padding needed washing
 added an extra square of egg crate for more cushion for my cushion (not that it needs it, lol) 

the lady bug fabric was a remnant bin find
the remnant bin is a frequent stop on my Walmart circuit, ya never know what goodies are waiting

This chair needs to be functional for outside & for kids, so I 
sealed the fabric with Mod Podge Outdoors.
I would have tried Mod Podge Fabric, but Hobby Lobby was out. 
Since I haven't used either I'm not sure if one would work better against melting Popsicles, spilled lemonade, and wet-swim-suit-covered-bottoms.

the bright flash shows how the Mod Podge Outdoor 
dries with a slight shiny gloss
this is one coat, thickly applied

The chair frame was painted with homemade chalk-paint in Behr's Licorice Red. I wasn't too wild about the matte finish, just didn't mesh well with the funness (sure, that's a word) of the fabric, so I added a couple coats of metallic acrylic paint. Much better. 
Sealed frame with polyurethane.

 Thank you to my lovely assistant for modeling the chairs side view. 

I wish you could smell these through the screen. Its wonderful. I like walking into my kitchen/dining room and catching a hint of lilies in the air. (This is an unintended perk of an open-concept floor plan.)

 Almost better than the smell of coffee. Almost

Hopefully Spring will edge out winter for good sooner rather than later. I look forward to adding this chair to our deck furniture. It'll be a hit with the kiddos and their friends, that is if I care to share it! It turned out so cute and the added egg crate does make it rather comfy for a folding chair. 


  1. SO fun! What a great transformation! I see these chairs all the time and it never dawned on me that they could be redone! :) Thanks for the tip!


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