Glass Hoarder: Distressed Pieces

I'm a sucker for quirky glass jars/vases/jugs, etc. I have absolutely no practical use for them but they are too cute to pass up!

My husband does not share in the enthusiasm, but he's a good sport about my glass hoarding as long as I keep it contained to a couple areas.

Have you seen the amazing distressed glasses at Anderson and Grant??? It was the inspiration for a few of the more fun glass pieces in my collection. Her page also has a fantastic tutorial to follow.

displayed above my kitchen cabinets

Dollar Tree Salt & Pepper Shakers

Home-made Chalkpaint in some beige color from my paint hoard...yes, glass jars and paint "collector"
 The jars above include: rum jug, spagetti jar, honey jar, maple syrup jar, and other fun finds. On occasion I have been known to buy a certain brand of sauce based on my attraction to the jar verses its contents. 

is it me, or does this kinda look like worms?

luckily the finished product didn't turn out looking like worms, lol

The jars aren't sealed yet in case I want to change the color. Day2daysupmom's colorful take on the same idea is also intriguing.

The salt & pepper shakers were sealed, though, with polycrylic. There is an imminent future of grubby hands leaving all manner of sauces and goo on their pretty selves. 

love these made-over dollar store shakers

A question for other glass hoarders: What do you do with your quirky finds? 


  1. Lovely jars!. I hoard them too but so far I haven't done much with them. :-)

    Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

  2. I love all the painted jars, I just saw where someone painted the little short apple juice jars in an antique store, they looked so cute!


  3. Great job. My husband has recently discovered my mason jar cabinet- probably have a a hundred. I need to find some use for them because my grand plans for canning never really happened. I love these, thanks!

  4. Such great jars! I love seeing funky jars in weird shapes, designs and colors. Your collection is pretty neat! thanks for sharing with us at the creative challenge!


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