Saturday, March 28, 2015

Personalized Home-Warming Gift

Silent Saturday? Instead of a Wordless Wednesday?

I wanted a personalized house-warming gift for my friend who recently moved out of state.

Capital "M" for the their last name.
State Maps from where my friend:
1. Met her husband
2. Had her kids
3. Moved to recently


Cut around the cities where she lived. 
Tore edges and overlapped the map pieces.

Sealed with Mod Podge in matte finish.


I really liked how this turned out...think I'll make one for us. Its a fun way to tell our story. 


  1. Super adorable, what a great idea. I want to make one now!

  2. Great idea! I love the personal touch!

  3. Love old maps and this is a great use! Thanks for sharing on Something To Talk About Link Party!!

  4. What a great, personal idea! I love it! Have to pin it for future gift ideas!

  5. The M is a great personal gift and your friend is lucky!

  6. As a person with a M name, I love it! so totally need one in my life :) Thanks for sharing the super cool idea at the creative challenge!

  7. That is super cute, and not to hard to do! I'd love for you to share at our Idea Box link up!

  8. Neat idea! Thank you for linking up to Idea Box!!

  9. I can imagine you will get plenty of requests for personalized monograms once friends and family see your finished project. Best wishes, Darlene