Embrace the Fails

All you got to do is fail better.
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My two oldest are at an age where there are several new challenges in their lives (like school and math) that bring with them expectations that seem out of reach. Like many kids, they get nervous and try to avoid trying by saying, "I can't do it!" or "Its too hard!"

My response: 
I'd rather you try and make a mistake than not try at all. 

One of my goal's as a parent is to raise kids who are willing to take risks. And with that comes the attitude to embrace the fail, laugh if its funny, and learn from it.

In that spirit, here are two of my recent crafting fails and the lessons learned:

1. Foot Mittens
My old slippers had holes worn all the way thru them. Rather than buy a new pair I thought I'd combine eye-balling a Pinterest design + using my old slipper as a pattern + my foot for measurement to hopefully = awesome slippers that I could brag about making.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAAAA Maybe if I hadn't nursed a beer while running the sewing machine it would have turned out cuter. The result was closer to a mitten design and the side was all floppy letting in the cold air. I gave up and bought a pair at the local thrift store. No bragging rights but my feet are warm.

Lessons learned:
1. do not drink and sew
2. do not rely on your foot as a measurement tool, actually use a measuring tape
3. printing out a pattern isn't a bad idea after all

2. Mod Podge "eraser"
Turns out that using the wrong Mod Podge actually creates the opposite reaction: "erasing" instead of sealing. 


Do it right the first time ! Quote
In an effort to speed up a tray makeover, I grabbed a sealer that was not intended for this use. Mod Podge Outdoor is great if you are using it for something outdoor. It's probably even more effective if you layer it on slowly instead of dumping it on thickly, like I did. 

Is it possible to label this a double fail for misusing the wrong product? lol 
A clear example of "two wrongs don't make a right." 

The incorrectly used Mod Podge bubbled up after drying. As I picked at it, it lifted off in pieces taking the acrylic paint with it. BUUUUUUUUUUUT, not ALL the sealer came off, so this tray is a hot mess. Eventually I'll strip it and start over. Its been a year since the above photo was taken...so maybe I'll get to it soon? 

If only I'd heeded the above quote.~sigh~

Lessons learned: 
1. Take the time to do it right the first time!
2. Not all sealers are created equal.

Thomas Edison's quote is my favorite (bottom right).
People Who Found Success Despite Failures
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I'd love to hear about your fails and lessons learned. 


  1. I try to block them out, but do not drink and sew just caused me to spit out my oj. Total fail and totally worth it. Thanks for the laugh...and the lesson on perseverance! ;) Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Ha!! This is a great life outlook!! You are so right! I am pinning this to my courage board for future reminders!! oh, and I'll try to remember not to drink when I sew :)

  3. Your quotes "People who found success despite failures" really hit home for me. I recently submitted two books to a writing contest, and the results were so diverse it left me wasted. The quotes were so appropriate, esp from the authors. I am new at writing novels but it was so compelling for me to accomplish that goal. I'm not sure what what lessons I have learned yet, as I am still thinking about it all. But thanks for the great post and quotes. It did give me encouragement!


  4. I can only imagine how emotionally draining that was! Especially with putting in all the work to write the novels in the first place. Glad you soaked up some encouragement from others who have gone before you. :) Thank you for sharing your story.


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