Friday, June 5, 2015

Curbside Bar-Height Chair

I actually have no idea what style this chair is called. Bar stool? Bar height chair? Fun-spinning-chair (kiddos term)? Let's call it a Bar-Height Chair.

Anyways, after dropping my daughter off at school we snake thru the surrounding neighborhoods for treasure. I found this chair next to a saddle and old coffee table. Being short a horse, I left the saddle, and too many car-seats with diapered bottoms in them kept me from scooping up the coffee table. Chair it was.

Seat was a bit worn but the rest of the chair was protected by a thick layer of dust. lol


oh look, my personality comes in a paint color

Couple sloppy coats of homemade chalk paint in Moody Blue as seen here.

Then wiped on/wiped off with walnut stain. Pictured below: the forelegs have been stained but not the back legs. Stain adds a slightly green tint. Love how the stain highlights the grooves and nicks adding more charm.

Sealed with polycrylic.

The Final Result: 

chair mug shot

Now I just need to clear off my counter so I can enjoy my counter-height/breakfast-bar chair...or whatever it is called. 

Love the stars? Click here to see the tutorial on the larger star. 
Click Here to see the tutorial on the smaller red stars. 


  1. Very nice! I would like to see what you would've done with the saddle...y'know...even without a horse! ;)

  2. Free is always the best! Great work on it. Thank you for linky up at Chic By You Wednesday Linky Party!

  3. Love the way this sweet chair came out!! Fantastic transformation!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by!!


  4. Now it looks way better! I love this chair!
    Ntina @happy, girly, crafty

  5. This paint job definitely makes this chair! Loving the paint color choice :)

  6. The chair is a wonderful oddity. Love the color and technique you used. That's for linking up to Choose Save Tuesday Audra!