Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Woodland Fairy Houses

I've been participating in the Craft Challenge Linky party, Click Here for the July Link-Up.  This months theme was sticks or anything nature related. While camping my little girl and I took a walk to collect fun things to make a fairy house. It would make a nice memento of our camping trip, right? We had a good half a bag loaded up which my husband later mistook for a bag of kindling. ~frowny face~ 

It rained, it poured, mist rolled over the lake we were set up next too, it was COLD! And then night came with more rain and cold. By morning we were ready to go. I didn't even care that most of our fairy house supplies were burnt up, there was no way I was going to hunt for more. 

The dark bark pieces and the mossy-fungusy-whatever-it-is on top of the pinecone roof is about all that made it home. The rest has been scrounged up near our home.
I just LOVE the gnarled stick to the right of the doorway. 

Building Particulars:

 The base of each house is a tin can, which in time will rust and add character.

This roof is an old tea kettle lid.

The pine cone roof is supported by an inverted yogurt cup spray painted brown. We'll see how the elements affect the exposed plastic....


I literally stole the mossy bits from church, right after service, using my sermon notes to carry them to the car. Its probably the most rebellious thing I've done since puberty. Walkin' on the wild side here! lol
The moss frames a "lake." Yes, blue rocks would look more lake-ish, but I only had this color on hand and I'm cheap like that. 

Its a good start to a fairy garden pot. Most of the "big" elements are there, just need more plants, maybe I'll steal more moss, hopefully I'll find more gnarled sticks to space around. 

 And here is the wingless fairy family. Its my family. Off to hunt for something "wingy" to glue to the back. Maybe some interesting seed pods? 

Kudos to everyone who makes a fairy garden. I have a new appreciation for the amount of time and energy spent in putting one together. Its a lot! :) 

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  1. Adorable! I like your naughty moss story! It gives your sweet fairy garden a little edge! ;)

  2. I have been wanting to do one of these! You can buy a kit but they are so expensive. I like your idea of one made from nature. Very cute!

    1. Yes, those kits are a bit pricey. My daughter likes the Tinkerbell movies and her little houses are usually made up of nature materials and random found human trinkets so we followed Tinks lead. What a frugalista she is. :)

  3. This is adorable and such a fun project for you and your daughter to work on together. Thanks for sharing it at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  4. too sweet! love the gnarly, mossy and upcycled pieces you combined to make this woodland fairy house. I love the little family too and can't wait to see them get their wings :) Thanks for sharing at the creative challenge!

  5. Super cute idea Audra.

    Hugs Diane

  6. Super cute idea Audra.

    Hugs Diane

  7. Hey again :) Congrats!! This post will be featured tomorrow at the creative challenge link up! I hope you get to stop by :) Thanks for sharing the inspiration with us!

  8. You not only created a fairy garden, but you created wonderful memories with your daughter. Bravo!