Pallet Wood Planters

This idea is inspired by these Pallet Wood Planters @ Make The Best of Things. Or you can click here to find it on Hometalk, where I originally spotted this amazingly wonderful idea. 

Its a pretty easy project, even if you don't have an automatic brad gun. I don't either and settled for old fashioned screws and a drill. After the staining, you can't really tell the screws are there. 

 1. score these planters for $1 each at a garage sale
2. cut and nail/screw pallet wood ~~ note: Gorilla Glue does not work on this
3. chalk paint the ugly away
4. using homemade stain, stain the boards and the chalk-painted rim

I didn't really like the green planter color, even after adding the pallet pieces. So, the rim and a bit of the inside was given a couple coats of homemade chalk paint in a cream color...the jar long ago lost the exact color of paint's name. 

And, I still wasn't the loving the overall look. 

Lastly, the whole thing was coated with homemade stain (this time composed of steel wool, coffee, black tea bags, & some rusty nails and screws along with white vinegar). Click Here to see my post on DIY Stain with Steel Wool. It was difficult to capture the lighting just right to show the staining effect on the chalk paint. You can kinda see it below but it looks much better in person.

Artificial Flowers from Hobby Lobby (40% - 50% off right now) & from the Dollar Tree. 

Green Plant Arrangements in the back were picked up at a Curb Alert. Ended up only pulling out the Ivy type plants for this project. 

Floral foam passed on from my sister. Thanks sis! 

Cute little hedgehog also 40% off at Hobby Lobby--totally not necessary but he was too cute to pass up! My kids and I did a collective ~awwwwwwww~ when we saw him. 

Its that time of year where summer and fall play tug-a-war with the weather. Some days we still need that air conditioning unit and other days we're digging out our sweatshirts. 

Once that air conditioner is gone the second planter will cozy up the window. For now it looks cute on the ground.  


  1. Such cute planters! They will be pretty year round on your window sills:)

  2. Love your pallet planter...what a great idea! I even like the way one is setting in your rock garden.
    Thank you so much for your sweet visit,
    Mary Alice

  3. We always use wood pallets for our DIY projects. Your flower boxes are a perfect project. I think my readers would enjoy your inspiration...please consider sharing it at:

  4. The pallet planter is perfect for a window box. Great upcycle!

  5. Love your planters especially the stained one. Thanks so much for sharing your pallet projects at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  6. This amazing post is being featured on my blog today as part of Tuesdays with a Twist blog hop:


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