Reusable Snack Bags

Less than two weeks away from school, and this year we have two little monsters munchkins headed out the door with backpacks & lunch boxes. 

Luckily our school district is trying something new for school supplies. They are charging a flat fee and then buying them with their bulk purchase/tax exempt status. Sounds like freedom to me! No hunting down low, lower, lowest prices or returning later to finishing buying sold out items. Whew! 

Lunch box & snack bags are my only concern. Combining frugal with upcycling, the dollar store helped create these wonderful reusable snack bags. 

Dollar Store Duct Tape + "disposable" rezippable food bags

Some notes on duct tape:

1. pattern alignment

IF I was a Type A personality, I would have spent time matching up the designs for a more cohesive look, if that's even possible, is duct tape cut & rolled to allow the designs to match up??? Sounds like a fun game for a puzzle lover out there.                                                                                                                                                         But seriously, these probably won't last until Christmas before finding there way into a trash bin, and these tired mommy-brain cells are needed elsewhere.  

2. not all are totally opaque

I love The Red Green show. Watched it WAY too much growing up lol but Never a rerun!It was surprising to see that the green duct tape wasn't opaque. I think "duct tape" and images of The Red Green Show come to mind. (anyone else???) What can't be fixed with duct tape? Apparently blocking out Nutrition Facts is just past the reach of duct tape, at least the green kind.

3. duct tape does have its limits
I have an affinity for The Red-Green Show.ok, a bit nerdy, but made me laugh! 

Baggies in action: 

 sandwich sized to the left
~perfect for field trips~

pretzel sticks & veggie stick sized to the right

cleaning plan:
spray inside with vinegar/water & wipe clean

use a soapy sponge when needed

air dry

And of course some hard-sided containers (also from the Dollar Store) for sandwiches, leftovers, and fruit. Things that wouldn't fair well in a baggie. 

(Overkill on the green here, dear son's favorite color. )

A grand total of $5 + tax spent at the Dollar Store for the lunch box/snacks. And there is enough duct tape left over to continue making snack bags as needed throughout the year. 
~~~ plus, its a frugal upcycled alternative to disposable ziploc bags ~~~

Now, when my kid forgets their lunch box over Christmas break, we can easily throw away the "science experiment" inside. ~grimacing shudder~ Eww! 

Wishing you a great rest of the summer with your kiddos!


  1. You are very thrifty and very creative. Love them. You really do have very unique ideas, Audra. I love when your posts pop up, because it's definitely not the same old, same old! I wish our school would do that with supplies. Ugh. Lots of angst goes along with that shopping you're right.


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