Paint Stick Herringbone Table Top

I'm crushing on my "new" end table. Our living room looks like a flea market, no joke, with all the mismatched furniture. We used to have cute stuff but went Dave Ramsey crazy and sold "everything but the kids" to create our first Emergency Fund...and we haven't really gotten around to replacing it. That's because I am relying on my killer DIY skills to paint & create my way towards a cohesive look. Sure, I got the skills, but the time....that's another thing. I admire the women who take on those 30 day one room makeover challenges. Such a great idea! My two year old "assistant" really limits my creative time (give mommy back the paint brush! stay away from the nearly full can of primer! drills are only for mommies. where did you throw the sanding block?). Make it a 30 week challenge and I'll sign up! Maybe I'll just make my own 30 week challenge...then in 30 weeks if its not done I can claim a typo and make it a 30 month challenge. I'm a genius!

Moving on, this project was inspired by a similar paint stick table top created by Thistlewood Farms. Click Here It went straight to my Pinterest table it Board which is filled with several herringbone table top ideas and tutorials. Nothing like looking back over my pins to realize I have a thing for the herringbone pattern. Its just so darn cute! Even on gloomy rainy days like this one.

see the 1, 2, 3 below for the color progression

Color Progression:

1. table in original color with the top scored...not sure if Gorilla glue needed the extra help but I figured it couldn't help. And really, I only want to do this project once, no re-gluing of loose paint sticks in my future.  After securing & dry-time, I used a jigsaw and Dremel to square out the top. Stained with Early American Minwax stain.

2. After washing and priming, it was given a coat of white latex paint but I just wasn't feeling it. Too bright, like, where-are-my-sunglasses-this-white-paint-is-hurting-my-eyes bright. It needed to be toned down.

3. Lightly distressed with a sanding block, then using a dry brush, I streaked on a choppy layer of latex paint in Accessible Beige -- as opposed to Inaccessible Beige? Unattainable Beige? Unavailable Beige? One of the strangest paint names I've come across. You can see the choppy paint job best here. 

Such a cute end table in the end! The top needed several layers of polycrylic. There are a few spaces in between a few paint sticks that could use more sealer, so...its still a work in progress.



  1. you have gorgeous furniture and an emergency fund! Dave would be proud.

    1. Thanks Kim! We love that Emergency it has made a difference.

  2. This is such a great idea!! Beautiful table!! I have little assistants too that's why at naptime I become a ninja getting projects done as quietly as possible! :)

  3. Super idea and usefu way to use up all the paint sticks that seem to grow and multiply in the garage!

  4. That's quite an ambitious project, Audra.....enjoy it in your decor!

  5. Audra, the table turned out awesome!

  6. Clever and creative way to transform a table top.

  7. Beautiful idea. I like how you placed them on first and then cut off the edges!! Yes, I agree about the 30 week challenge. And I don't have toddlers in the house.

  8. I love this little table! I think the fact that you sold almost everything and starting from scratch is neat. I know you probably don't think so but I can't tell you how many times I've thought "I should just get rid of it all and start over!"


  9. Audra I love your little table, I pinned the same one a few years ago! When my kids were small there is no way I could do the projects I do now...someday you will be able to do it, but heck that 30 week challenge works great, I say go for it! :)

  10. omg you are a genius!!!! WOW I love that top! And that little hedgehog is adorbs!!


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