Thursday, December 10, 2015

Barn Sale End Tables Refurnished

Remember the barn sale I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well, here are a couple tables from that sale. While in rough shape there wasn't significant water damage or evidence of nibbling rodents. Doable for an easy makeover. 


Table fresh off the farm, literally, hahahahhahaa, I crack myself up. 

Right to Left: 
The top on this table was pretty worn, I was able to scrap most of it off with my bare fingers. After washing and sanding it was stained all over with Early American (middle pic) which definitely gave it a rustic look, but I wasn't loving it. (If I've learned anything from the early years of The Apprentice, it was 'only sell what you love.') 
It needed color, 
then it needed a focal point, 
then my two year old added more color, (last pic)
ugh.....after another sanding and another shot at the focal point, it was ready for sealing. 
This table top was inspired by a Pottery Barn  knock-off at Sisters of the Wild West. They provide a printable template of their number pattern that I eyeballed while painting. To create a unique visual I used a mixture of acrylic paints so each number is unique in color and shape. 

I LOVE this table with its funky top. It was hard to part with but there was absolutely no where in my home to put it...and its doesn't match our decor.

That's what I'm most excited about with this booth: the chance to try new styles and colors.

I must have walked by this table four or five times before adding it to the growing pile. Just wasn't sure I could work with the scalloped edges or put in the effort on the worn finish. Things found in a barn can be a bit more "rustic" than wanted.

Left Picture: And this was AFTER I washed and scrubbed this table. Ewww!

It was painted the same color as the above table but toned down with some stain. To keep it from looking plain, a map was decoupaged to the top. I was inspired by this table from Brick Street Cottage.
Right Picture: The top scalloped edge has
Golden Oak Minwax stain soaking on it,
but not underneath to show the color difference.
It is soaking and hasn't been wiped off yet,
that is why it looks yellow. 

Soooooooooo much better now. Priced it at $25, fingers crossed!

Here they are, side by side, acting as "door greeters" for our booth.  

And to complement the table, a numbered box.

I was LOVING the Pottery Barn knock-off numbers and recreated the look (kinda) on this wooden storage box that I snagged for a buck at a garage sale. One side is chalkboard paint, only because the previous owners had labeled it with a sharpie. Now it has a more stylish mode for labeling the contents, or the innards (I've inhaled waaaaaaaaaay too much varnish and polycrylic lately).

This is marked at $12, a bit high because I secretly hope no one will buy it so I have to bring it home. Such a fun box! (I know, I know, defeats the purpose of shelling out rent for a booth if I want to keep half of what I put in it.)

Not a bad set up for the second week open. Thank you BlogLand peeps for taking the time to share your tips and secrets. Still have fingers crossed that I break even for this month. 


  1. Looking great, Audra. I wish I lived closer! :)

  2. Oh my, such beautiful transformations! I love the nautical one, will look so cute in beach decor :) Hugs, Poppy

  3. Both tables are adorable! The one with the magazine rack is so unique, I love the map top you made! And the numbers top table is amazing, never seen anything like this, I love the look!

  4. Love what you did to those tables. It makes me happy to see old things get a face lift and become new again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Good luck with your booth! I especially like the numbered pieces -- so cute!

  6. I love both of these tables! Super cute!