Giraffe Chairs

I have small obsession with jungle animals, back when I taught, my class room decor was jungle themed, my kids nursery was all zoo animals, and even now, whether my boys care for it or not, they have a jungle themed room.

I paid a grand total of $1.00 for both chairs...the green one from a thrift store and the blue one from a curbside dump. While sturdy, they needed some TLC. 

Originally I was going to make two different chairs so I didn't have to repaint the blue one...lazy choice. BUT, I've been studying other booth owners' blog posts and Paige from A Junk Chick Life swears that she will only sell chairs in pairs, single chairs just don't move. 

So, heeding her experience and wisdom, I made two giraffe chairs. The fabric was a remnant piece and the giraffe pattern was a fat quarter deal. The green chair was "sealed" first with packing tape before adding the fabric. Then, the fabric was coated with a fabric stiffener.

They were priced separately...just in case.  

I'm so glad I listened. Both chairs sold, together, in a week. 
(there they are...were, in the bottom right)

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the quick sale. My littlest gave the seal-of-toddler-approval (this sounds like loud temper tantrum style screams when forced to part with the chair).  

There are still some zoo animal faces left on the remnant fabric...a monkey, an something else will pop up eventually that is jungle animal related.

Till then, my Crafters ADD is moving onto other projects. :)


  1. Good idea on matching chairs. Cute redo. I hadn't considered that. Your booth looks great.

  2. Well, I guess research pays off! Cute chairs, so glad they sold! :)

  3. Audra, those chairs are awesome! Great idea to sell them as a pair. Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  4. the chairs turned out really cute....and happy they sold so quick for you!

  5. Wow Audra! Those chairs are so adorable! I can see why they sold so fast. I hope you come by and share them at Vintage Charm. The party's on right now. Hope to see you there. Tuula

  6. Hi, Audra! Eek, these are too cute for words! Hilarious description of the toddler seal of approval - hahaha - I have experienced it many times but you put it so memorably.

  7. Hey Audra! Just popping back in to say thanks for sharing your fabulous chairs at Vintage Charm.


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