Rusty Coil Creations

My kids can groan, whine, and cross their arms in silent protest (my personal favorite because its QUIET), but this momma is gonna treasure hunt on trash day. Money doesn't grow on trees children, but with some elbow grease and imagination you can make money pop out of a garbage can. Life lesson my little monkey brain babies.

While on such a "life lesson" trip I found a perfectly rusty and intact crib mattress leaned up next to a trash can. MINE! Perfect rusty goodness that I promptly disassembled, oh how it hurt my hands, and set out right away to create items for my booth.

 I thought these would be a bit more popular but I overestimated the zeal an average person has for rusty coils. Apparently not everyone appreciates these; their loss, my gain.

This wreath was inspired by Becky at

 I have no clue what this mess of wire and coils is. It was found near a dumpster. I do love the rusty coil pieces. They were a perfect addition to a coil "wind chime," it doesn't make any noise, but it sure is cute. 

Some simple tea light lanterns. The coiled length used as a hanger is from the same mattress. So far I haven't tossed out any part of the mattress, all the pieces seem usable. My favorite kind of trash to treasure! 

This tree branch was stained in special walnut which looked great when it was in my backyard in full sunlight. Inside the booth is looks too dark. Maybe painting it turquoise to add more color? Even after adding the leaf garland it still seems too dark. I was hoping for something more bold and eye catching. 

And last but not least: 

A simple garland made from Dollar Store leaves, twine, and coils. 

That's it so far. I have another wreath in the works and several more ideas brewing in my mind. 


  1. Inventive, favourite is the birds nest/eggs spring wreath. Painting your great branch turquoise would really pop.

  2. One man's junk...You see what others do not. It's a gift. I love them all, especially the banner and the wreath. I can imagine that they all sold quickly...or will as soon as fall officially hits!


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