Word of the Year: Finish

The irony of this picture is that it hangs below a project that needs re-gluing...the flower fell off almost two weeks ago. The electrical tape was a desperate fix ( wrapping Christmas presents bled us dry of scotch tape). I'll fix it, after I buy glue sticks...out of those, too. For now, lets just say I'm exploring irony in art form. 

The previous two years my Word of the Year was "respond," which I didn't blog about at all. It was a personal growth focus and was worth the two years of learning to read situations and people better, and by no means am I fluent yet, but I've made improvements and am all the better for it. 

If you follow my blog, you'll remember a year ago I opened a booth to sell flipped furniture and crafty things only to close it ten months later (responding to the small sales and the lack of time in my busy life as a mom of three littles). It was a worthwhile experience but has left a wake of finished and unfinished projects. I've purged so much that the local craft resale store (Who Gives A Scrap) loves me and my seemingly endless donations. The guy at the Restore though didn't share my vision for the pieces I donated. He clearly couldn't see the potential of a legless chair! haha Its a good sign of "trashure" when the Restore refuses to accept the donation. 

So, my goal for this year is to FINISH projects or finish their presence in my basement by donating them. Let me show you the skeletons in my closet. What's behind curtain number one??? 

I can just barely squeeze into this space between the step stool and the trashcan that butts up against the dryer. You can see the finished projects that are posted for sale in local online groups. 

I love this chair buried under my husband's army gear. I'm looking forward to refinishing it and putting it in the living room. 

So.much.stuff! You can't even see what's behind all this junk...just more junk. 

The floor space is so crowded that I couldn't get around to the other side to see what lurks there. Instead, I held my arms up and hoped for a clear shot.  

A few house projects to finish include fixing the mantel. The original tile was smashed thru to access the electrical wiring when we installed the sconces. We were going to fix it...that was seven years ago. The white triangles cover the holes sawed thru to get to the wires. Functionally finished. 

I started painting our stair handrails and banisters two and a half years ago. That's how long this blue painters tape has been there! All the wood was washed with TSP twice, holes filled with wood filler, sanded, and given two coats of primer. Just need the final paint color. It seemed like a simple project but banisters are a deceptively bigger project. So much surface area...there are four sides to each banister. Very deceptive. 

I suppose I should stop blogging and get started on one of the above pictures. ~sigh~ Or I might distract myself with a totally different project, another chair that needs recovering and repainting, not to be confused with the chair pictured in this blog. No wonder I have so many projects on my to-do list. Focus, woman, focus! haha


  1. I really enjoyed this post & am anxious to follow along this year. I need you to inspire me on the furniture in my garage that's been waiting for a makeover. thanks!

  2. You are an ambitious woman! I can't wait to see how you transform all of these things, especially that chair!! :)

  3. Audra who ever said a bloggers job was about projects. No we have to be slaves to the computer. I too promise to drag myself away from here and "finish up" my projects.


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