Friday, December 29, 2017

Just for Fun: Dr. Pepper Goggle Eyes

My daughter's teacher has an obsession with Dr. Pepper. He loves it so much that there is an actual classroom job to bring a Dr. Pepper from the class fridge to the teacher.  

When planning Christmas presents, I asked the kids what their teachers liked because I try to give gifts they'd enjoy. These teachers work so hard, and I'd like the kid's gift to reflect gratitude for all that they do. The daily dose of Dr. Pepper made one teacher easy to buy for. 
The process is simple:  
1. Buy the biggest box of Dr. Pepper, CAREFULLY open the box and remove the cans. 
2. Hot glue wiggly eyes near the top of the can to create a face effect. When opened, it'll resemble eyes with a mouth. 
3. Place back in the box and carefully glue the tabs back on...
4. Give the gift to the teacher who is unaware that the box has been tampered with. hehehe

My daughter was excited to learn how to use the hot glue gun. She glued the large and medium eyeballs and I managed the smallest ones. 


Found a bag of these at Dollar Tree near the Halloween decor. 

I don't have an actual photo with the cans open but doctored this one on to show the effect. Aren't they cute? We think so. 

"Don't mind me watching you drink.
It won't be creepy at all."

Hopefully, when he does open the box, it'll make him laugh a little. We certainly had fun putting together a personalized gift.

Merry Christmas to all the teachers out there! You are appreciated! 


  1. Oh my gosh! That is the most adorable and thoughtful gift ever! I taught for many years and received a lot of gifts. I still have many of them and I have to say they were all handmade. Those are the keepers and I can guarantee he will love the thought behind it and never forget it.

  2. I think handmade/thoughtful gifts from kids are the best. From the parent perspective I can see the love my kids pour into the presents or pictures they make for their teachers. You must have ROCKED as a teacher to get sweet homemade items from your adoring students!