Bench Refresh: mudroom to breakfast nook

I was bound and determined to love my new home "as is," especially after all the work it took to get our townhome ready to sell. We painted, pulled out old carpet (which is the most disgusting thing I have ever done!!!), and called so many handymen to help with odd projects that I just wanted to sit on the couch and binge watch something, anything, even if it was Octonauts (my youngest is four).

After moving in, I quickly discovered that my old stuff didn't quite fill the space of the new home, or fit in as well. A different floor plan changed the use of some items, like my mudroom bench. We simply have no use for it anywhere in our home. 

So we decided to use it at the kitchen table which is a more informal space now that we have a formal dining room. The bold turquoise design worked fabulous as an accent piece in our old home but just stood out like a sore thumb in our new space. The bench needed some work anyways. Too many winters as a sitting area for snowy/muddy boots took a toll on the paint and the fabric. 

Gave it a fresh coat of white paint with a little less distressing than before. And I've learned my lesson, this time the bench received a very generous layering of sealer. New duck cloth coated with Scotch Guard and our mudroom bench is transformed into a subtle breakfast nook seat. A subtle transformation.

Curing in the hall. 

We're not wild about the gray color of the walls, it sucks whatever natural light there is out of the room. It needs a lighter color to help bounce the light. Its the only room in the house we want to paint...someday. Ha!

And this is where our decorating vision is at a mash-up. I am trying to expand upon a "farmhouse" look and my husband wants a smart home. Here we have Wall-E, our robot vacuum, parked next to our farmhouse table and bench. I gotta admit, I LOVE that little machine. I can't believe how hard it works while I sleep. Broom? Nah. 

Its a tested and approved seating spot for the kids and their friends. Easily seats three growing bodies. Still a keeper! 

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  1. Beautiful! A new home definitely calls for change. Everything works in theory and then you get there!! Sometimes you have to live in a space for a bit and it tells you what it a bench in the kitchen. And fyi, there's been a lot of talk about Octonauts in my house lately and my kids are closer to 24 than 4...I'm not sure if anyone is watching it or if there's a grown up spoof of it out there...or if it's become part of a new college drinking game. But now I'm curious. 😂

    1. A drinking game? hahahaha I guess Octonauts are ever-appealing, I even had a student in China who brought his Octonaut toys to class. If you find out the rules for the game, let me know, I'm in! lol
      And I totally agree about needing to feel a space out before knowing how to make it homey.

  2. That bench is so cute! Great job reusing it in a different place in your home!

    1. Thanks Candice! It was too comfortable to just pass on.


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