Top Posts of 2018

Top 5 Posts of 2018

This year the top most-visited posts are all over the map in style: woodwork, repurposing, and sewing. Six years ago I owned a hammer and some paintbrushes...and my skills have grown with each new tool. Maybe I'll experiment with welding next...I do have a drawer full of odd metal pieces! I'm half serious here. 

Anyways, on to the Top 5 in order of popularity.  

Number 1: Fence-Board Headboard 

And it's still a favorite of mine! Looks just as fantastic in our new home as it did in our old home.

Number 2: Rotating Necklace Holder

If you are an avid necklace wearer than this isn't the best design since you have to clasp/un-clasp each necklace to get it on and off. But, for the occasional necklace user, like myself, this works well. Its prevented the dreaded necklace knot-ups from swimming around inside of a jewelry box. 

Number 3: New Stuffed Bunnies

Number 4: Pallet Console Table

This was painted using one of my favorite dip-n-drag painting techniques. Click over to find the link to Lake Girl Paints tutorial. You won't regret it! 

Number 5: Broken Door to Chalkboard

It was fun to take a piece of our old house with us and use it to celebrate our new home!

Last year I didn't make a "Top of..." list because I'd barely blogged all year and the pickings were slim. When I first started blogging my goal was one post a week which encouraged me to finish the projects I started. It worked. Then life got busy. Baby #3, opening a booth, then working part-time nights, then prepping and selling our home. It was the part-time nights that did me in and sapped most of my energy. Ten years ago I would have had the resilience to live on a choppy sleep pattern...but into my 30' Some things had to be cut from my schedule and unfortunately, it was blogging.

Its been a struggle to reconnect to the online blog community. I've found that Facebook is my culprit, I need to set time restraints and use my online time better. That is the goal. Reading other's blogs inspires my creativity and encourages me to try new methods.

I'm hoping 2019 brings a calm rhythm to my life. We're settled. Everyone is potty-trained and can make their own snacks. I can sleep 7-8 consecutive hours a night. It's a pretty good life. It's time to return to my hobbies. I have every intention of increasing my posts this year as I tackle my lengthy to-craft-wish-list (eyeballing my Pinterest boards).

Look forward to interacting more with blog-land this year! 


  1. Good to see your post today Audra - sleep is GOOD. Hope you find time to write this year - even once a month would be great - you could write a bit each time then post. Hugs.

    1. I love sleep! lol I do hope to blog more this year, too. Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  2. So many pretty projects, Audra and I love keeping up with you. Congratulations on your move and sleep filled nights! I'm back to being awakened after midnight by children...only this time it's because they're checking in when they get home from parties. If you think it's rough operating on broken sleep in your 30's, try giving it a whirl at 50! 😉 They don't make an eye cream powerful enough for this! Happy New Year!

    1. That season of life terrifies me! lol Teenagers! Eeek! Whatever eye cream you found, its working, you look wonderful!

  3. Audra, these are all awesome projects!! Love the headboard. I'm also being on the fence about giving welding a try, maybe I'll give it a go this new year too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.

  4. Your headboard looks fabulous, and the stuffed bunnies are super cute!


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