Italy-inspired Vignette using Suitcase Makeover

This display sat outside my classroom door 

to great each group of students as they came 
to "visit" Italy. 
Last year I made over this old curb-find suitcase. I haven't had a chance to show it off outside off this blog but the chance came this holiday season. As you can see, the picture on the left sports newly painted silver hardware. The picture below shows the hardware painted the same as the body. I like the bright difference of silver against the teal.

Our school had a Winter Extravaganza where each classroom was a different country. My room was Christmas in Italy. The suitcase was used as part of my set-up. The curriculum revolved around La Bafana, the Good Witch, who flies around on Christmas Eve looking for baby Jesus, dropping sweets and treats into stockings in case He was there.

But I couldn't just leave it at the craft alone, this is my dream country! A visit to Italy needed something more to add to the experience. A projector, sharpie, and butcher paper "built" the Tower of Pisa, which was giggled as the Tower of Pizza by several students.

The flag is made of poster board and tissue paper, I just wanted something with more texture. The students had fun comparing the Italian flag to the Mexican flag (add an eagle with a snake in the white section for Mexico).

If I get Italy again next year I plan on adding the Colosium.

After Christmas, I was on a roll with Italy and not ready to give it up yet! 

Every year we get together with friends for a New Years potluck. Our food goodies had some Italian flair: Limoncello and Italian Lemon Knot Cookies, a traditional Italian Christmas pastry. 
 Limencello tastes like lemon meringue, full of lemony goodness, but drink with caution, it packs a punch! 

Let's pretend that we're sitting on this veranda, taking in the view along the Amalfi coast, while sipping Limencello and eating lemon knot cookies. Sounds heavenly, right? 

Digging into Italian traditions and flavors was a wonderful way to close out 2018 and usher in 2019! 

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