Candy Corn Themed Halloween Decorations

Candy Corn colors are one of my favorite fall patterns...but not a favorite candy. Chances are, if you've recently posted a candy corn themed project I left you a comment saying just that. Its bright and colorful. In years' past I've made candy corn projects and decided to expand on them this year. 

Trick Or Treat Sign

First, a little sign to keep by the door. That's electrical tape in between the colors...the only black tape in hand. The spider was crafted from a juice lid and pipe cleaners. 
Nothing fancy, just leans in the window nook under the doorbell. 

I was a bit nervous painting the letters by hand. I found this fun font online and used a white colored pencil to sketch it onto the sign. No tracing, just eyeballing it while crossing my fingers. I'm pleased with the results. 

wreath supplies before
Next, I decided to freshen up an old fall wreath...maybe "freshen up" is the wrong phrase since it includes skeleton fingers. Check out the tutorial at I Gotta Create: How to Make Clothespin Skeleton Fingers. They are adorable in the creepiest way! After seeing her post I rushed to make a set before I even knew what I wanted to do with them. Still have some left over...maybe I'll close up a bag of chips with one.

The nails are my favorite Halloween nail polish because they make my finger nails look like cockroaches.  **Disclaimer: I do not like cockroaches, I hate them, but its the perfect creepy look for the season.**
Candy Corn patterned flower and twisted rope. The wooden circles were painted purple, then used Elmer's glue to crackle the black paint. Same method used to crackle the white paint on the skeleton fingers. (See tutorial link above.)  

Previously Created Candy Corn Projects
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Felt Candy Corn Wreath

Candy Corn Garland

Alas, these smiley guys were made from cardboard and only survived three Fall seasons outside.
RIP my candy corn cuties.


  1. So cute idea! You did great job dear Audra :)

  2. This is such a great post. It is so much fun decorating for Halloween. We don't celebrate where I live but I really miss it.


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