A Patchy Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is over but pumpkin patch season certainly isn't at our house. Flannel remnants, a polka dot jacket, and wine corks make up an all-Fall pumpkin patch. You can see the Wine Cork Pumpkin here. Read on to see how an old jacket and a nearly unstuffed stuffy made for a unique pumpkin.

Head over to Little House of Four for the amazing picture tutorial that I followed to make these adorable flannel pumpkins.

Here are the remnant flannel pieces I had to work with. They were leftover from someone else's scarf making project so all the pieces are long rectangles. I simply folded over one end to make a square and then rounded out the corners to get my circle. Rough edges are fine since they end up stuffed inside the pumpkin.

I also grabbed several different ribbons and twine to try out different looks. Each pumpkin vine is a different medium: cord, twine, or ribbon.

I used Mod Podge Stiffy to create the curls in the twine and ribbon. A tip I learned from the Kim Six Fix. Click Here. At the real pumpkin patch, the kids helped me collect pumpkin stems which I'd planned on using on the flannel pumpkins. Alas, they were too tiny, the stems were nearly as big as they were! Wine corks to the rescue! Simply sliced in half they were the perfect size.

My daughter had outgrown this jacket. I'd put it into the go-to-consignement-shop pile when she informed me that the zipper had broken. Evidently, this had happened over the course of last winter and she just kept wearing it even though it didn't close. Oh, sweet girl!

So out of the consignment pile it went and into my crafting stash. I just LOVE the teal color and decided the fabric was salvageable.

I wanted the teal pumpkin to be larger than the flannel pumpkins so I ended up cutting out as large of a square as possible. Rather than toss the inner lining and fluff I kept it together. It still needed some additional fluff to plump it out.

Unlike the flannel pumpkins, I let the twine dry completely before pulling the pencil out. It kept the curls tighter than it did on the flannel pumpkins. 

My crafter's heart was thankful that at least one pumpkin stem was used on these fabric pumpkins. And I have several more for next year. It gives me plenty of time to scavenge some larger pieces of flannel. 

And here is my little patchy pumpkin patch.  The Halloween edition. 

And here is the Fall edition. I do love a project that can be enjoyed throughout more than one holiday (I'm a lazy decorator.) You can see the duel sided cork pumpkin here.

It wasn't intentional, just a happy accident that the "enjoy" end of the cork ended up in the middle of the pumpkin. We will enjoy our fall!

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  1. I'm still having fun with pumpkins, too. Yours are darling!


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