Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pallet "Wall" Bottom Portion

 This is eventually going to end up behind my washer and dryer in our unfinished basement. This is the bottom section only. Inspiration for this idea came here. Neither the site nor a search of the web provide instructions on how to build the wall much less keep it from tipping over. This is a trial-and-error project! (my favorite kind!)

Materials On-Hand:           Materials Bought:                
Two Pallets                       Door Hinges .75cents each
Hammer/Drill                    Screws, less than an penny each
Extra wood

Cost: less than $2.00

These door hinges were picked up at the Restore for .75cents each. Also picked up some more screws....10cents for 25 screws. Hard prices to beat! 

I deliberately picked pallets with wider spaces between the planks to accommodate the hoses and cords running from the washer and dryer to the outlets and such. A saw could make the necessary holes but I'm too lazy! I'm saving the wider plank pallets for another project. 

Two hinges were drilled onto the frame of the pallet instead of the planks. The planks on these two aren't totally even with each other and for balance I wanted the frames to be in-sync. 

Once drilled together and placed upright, I played around with moving the wall back and forth. That's the benefit of using door hinges...range-of-motion. Hopefully this will help balance and hold the final piece to the "pallet wall." 

To increase the sturdiness of the wall I added to spare pieces of wood-slabs to the middle of each pallet. They kinda look like feet. 

close up of the "foot"

The top part, the pallet laundry shelf, will be attached with the remaining two door hinges. So far the wall with the shelf attachment is holding steady with consistent use. Whew!

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