Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pallet Laundry Shelf

Here is the finished project. To see how the bottom was constructed click here or see Pallet "wall" Bottom Portion. Our basement is unfinished and we currently lack the funds to finish any part of it...necessity is the mother of invention...let the creativity flow!

Materials Already On-hand:   Materials Bought:                        
Pallet                                    White Spray Paint .98cents
Random Wood                     Two Baskets from Dollar Store $2.00
Metal Thingy                         Screws from Restore, dirt cheap
Paper Towel Holder
Light Blue Paint, left over from painting my son's room

Project Cost: $4.00 give or take a quarter

Most of the above items either came with the house or were a Freecycle find. 

Love the shape and sturdiness of these baskets, but not the color. A few coats of white spray paint did the trick!  

To ensure that the shelf had enough support I screwed this small piece of lumber in between the pallet slabs. Then the shelf was screwed to the pallet slabs and to the piece of lumber. So far its holding steady. 

To see the "decorative elements" of the laundry room shelf click here or see instructions for the Fabric Wrapped Metal Thingy. 



  1. This is so awesome. What a crazy good difference. I love the end result!

  2. Thanks! We love it, too. And now I can fold my towels on top of the dryer. :)