Saturday, January 26, 2013

Savor: Time Standing Still

Have  you heard of MomHeart Online? Its a ministry to moms put together by Sally Clarkson. This morning  I was reading an old poster, the Sands of Time. A quote from it caught my eye and reminded me of my Word of the Year for 2013: savor. (emphasis added by me)

And now the hourglass is supposed to be flipped and the sands of time race against one another to live out our New Year’s resolutions. I’m thinking my hour glass needs to rest on its side to allow time to stand still and my mind to be clear to receive what this new year will be, could be. Not of my own making but through God’s making and through the Spirits moving.

It reminds me to be and Human-BEing, not a Human-DOing. Its ok to just sit, be still, savor the moments of life. Whether its tickling my son while ignoring the vacuum or printing off another My Little Pony picture for my daughter to color instead of starting dinner I am enjoying the moment...and the love that my kids feel from having their needs met. And the stress I don't feel from trying to have it all done. The mail piles up, there's clutter on the floor, something is going sour in the back of the fridge, but I'm content. I'm savoring my life today instead of rushing through it.

There are still days of checklists and to-do lists...that's part of life...but they are not the script for my overall week.

Savor. What are you enjoying? Taking delight in? Where are you experiencing pleasure? Take time to savor your life.

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