Door Table/Shelf

Found this door next to a dumpster at my favorite apartment dumpster...there's usually some good stuff set there as people move out. You can see a small hole on the edge that "ruined" it as a nice door but shoot, flip it over and you've got a fully functioning eye-candy door to work with. 

The end table was a Freecycle find and came with a twin. Just to see what was under the finish I had stripped the top. They have sat in my basement upside down or heaped with junk for over a year. They leave a large footprint so its been nice to have one of them out of the way.
Sawed the end table in two, secured, and gave one coat of oops paint. At this point I didn't have a clear idea of the finished look I was going for...just playing around. Figured if one idea bombed I could easily paint over it and start again.  

Originally I was going to use the other 1/4 of this table as a shelf on the door, but it was SUPER heavy and I just didn't trust that I could secure firmly enough on this hollow door. A while back my sister-in-law had passed on a set of cute lightweight wall shelves, the larger one fit after giving it a sloppy coat of paint.  

I ended up loving this oops paint and lamented that its not a set color...hopefully color matching can replicate it if I need more in the future (never tried color matching...the inner skeptic in me is a bit iffy on the results).

The entire thing was thoroughly coated in this gorgeous brown oops color...

...but it was too plain...let the layering of colors begin!

Layered with Sherwin Williams Graphite Gray ... a freebie picked up from Hazmat ... and added Berry Red acrylic paint. Sealed with Polycrylic, also from Hazmat. I LOVE free stuff and the environmental disposal at our local Hazmat usually has a decent selection. Click Here to read about free-products-at-local-hazmat.  

The door itself was sloppily layered with several different whites and creams...latex, acrylic, homemade chalkpaint. I'm not sure on the wisdom of mixing different types of paints together on a project but so far they all adhered like a charm.

 Its definitely eye catching, hopefully it'll drive more traffic to my booth. The Grocery sign, made from old deck wood, sold the same day. 

I'm lovin' this new permanent structure in my booth. :)

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  1. Hi Andrea, I added your blog to my post on Two Great Weeks of Booth Tweaking as another blogger who shares her booth with her readers.

  2. I advocate re-use, re-purpose and this is a good one.

  3. Super creative! Love how it turned out, Audra!

  4. Your door turned out great Audra! Great repurpose, and the layered effect look fabulous. I'd love it if you'd share this project at Vintage Charm, which is all about vintage, repurposing, and upcycling. The party's on right now. I hope to see you there. Tuula :) P.S. I love the grocery sign too.

  5. If I told you that I've had dreams of this would you believe me? This combination is perfect. You have the desk and the added height that you can do almost anything with. Love it.

  6. Would love to visit your shop. Love to see and truly appreciate people who reuse, and repurpose stuff.

  7. Such a clever and creative transformation and it looks perfect in your booth. Thanks so much for sharing your makeover with Talk of the Town.

  8. Hey Audra! Just popping back in to say thanks for sharing your awesome door makeover at Vintage Charm. It really turned out so great. :)

  9. Such a great repurpose! There are so many options... and it can be decorated for seasons and holidays! Love it~~~
    Thank you for sharing at Homemade and Handcrafted!

  10. Your door table shelf turned out really nice. Even the oops color looks nice. I've always wanted something like this in my foyer, but haven't found a door yet that I liked, or could afford. So maybe some day!


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