Thursday, February 25, 2016

YUM or Dumb? Weigh in...

I found a set of five bamboo trays in a freebie box and after a run through the dishwasher four of them were usable, the fifth was falling apart. They were boring as boring can be so I got creative and lightened them up. My husband didn't really care for the new look but I thought they were cute. Priced at 4 for $12.00. But they aren't moving. Neither is my Greek Key Tray, also for $12.00 (its wooden and in my opinion, way cute!!).

I've heard a few booth owners say that trays are a big seller for them...but I'm having the opposite experience.

What are your thoughts on these tray makeovers? Thanks for your input!


  1. Maybe price each by itself? Turquoise is a great colour.

    1. That's a good idea. Went in this weekend and priced them individually and put up a small chalkboard sign informing shoppers of the change...just in case someone was interested in one or two but didn't want the whole they know. :)

  2. Maybe they need a stencil treatment of some kind, like more of a "sign" tray...

  3. I've heard other bloggers say that neutral colors really fly out the doors at their booths. You could try painting them a white-ish color and see if that works. They're cute trays though, you did a great job on them!!! :)

  4. I think that they're great. I love the blue ones, I could see myself using them outside on the patio. Maybe they will sell when the warmer weather rolls around and people crave lighter colors and textures?

  5. Super cute, I would redo them in a white and put something like "EAT" in block letters on them maybe? Trays always did well for me when I used to have a booth.