Checker Board End Table

Remember the cigar-box-checkers-board I made earlier this month? I expressed my surprise at how time consuming it was to paint a checker board pattern and resolved next time to use scrapbook paper as an "easier" way to create the same pattern.
 Yeah, not so much easier, but then again, I complicated it. 

I chose a vintage book page with a picture that was a bit tricky to stagger while maintaining the essence of the image. Now, if I had just used plain old book pages without an illustration this process would have gone a lot faster. Lesson learned.

An old creme cheese container with a french print served as the box for the checker pieces. I used the same method & materials for these checker pieces as I did for the cigar box checkers. 

 The end table is a fairly large and sturdy table and was part of a set found on freecycle a couple years back. 

On the left is the first table that, out of curiosity, I had stripped the top. 
That end table became part of my door-table/shelf booth display. 

On the right is the twin table, which now functions with a dual purpose: tabletop and game board. 
It flew out the door in less than a week, which is nice because it was a bit bulky for the booth. 

The cigar box checker board is still hanging around.  

Hopefully third time will be the charm in creating an easy checkerboard pattern. No paint. No illustrations to stagger. Fingers crossed! 


  1. This is awesome! I LOVE it and must share. What a really cool take on a game board table!

  2. I'm visiting from the Creativity Unleashed party. Wow, I LOVE this idea! Has much more character than just solid blocks of color. Pinning this to share ☺
    Marie, The Interior Frugalista


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