Re-Upholstered Chair

Not the cutest chair, but what is lacks in beauty it made up in comfort and cleanliness. 

Despite being found next to a dumpster (not in it), there were no smells, stains, or tears in the upholstery. If wasn't such a yucky green I would have kept it as is...but that green...ugh! My eyes couldn't forgive this color, no matter how soft the fabric was to the touch.  

The inspiration for the makeover came from this travel-inspired duck-cloth print from Hobby Lobby. I wasn't actively looking for anything, just perusing, and my eye caught a sale sign...and long story short, I decided that this was the look for this chair.

I had thought of painting the wood but just couldn't commit to a color. So, sanded it down to the pale pale wood grain then gave it a couple coats of Espresso stain by Minwax. Sealed with spray Poly-urethane.

 There was one small blemish that was quickly fixed with the efforts of my power sander. Seems someone's dog was hungry? 

The best part of this project was the lack of sewing involved. 90% of the fabric was secured with Fabric Glue (use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby). My new favorite "sewing" tool! A huge thank you to who ever created this amazing time saver! 

I did use a whip stitch to finish some visible edges along the corners. Difficult to see in the picture since the thread matches the fabric. Its the only stitch I know by hand. 

And I am in LOVE with the finished product! 

See the painters tape in the background? My word of the year, finish, included painting the stairs and banisters...that's the year-old-primer paint job there. This chair makeover was more interesting and fun than a boring old paint job. Still a good nine months to make good on my word of the year goals, right? haha

I truly love this fabric print! It ties in nicely with my compass TV trays and the travel books on my living room shelves. 

Compass TV Tray Makeover Click Here

This chair is a keeper. Comfy and appealing.

And there are remnant pieces left....what else can I do???? (to avoid painting those pesky banisters, lol)


  1. The chair fits right in to your home, repainted and reupholstered, great fabric.

  2. Is there anything you can't do, Audra? I am amazed. It looks gorgeous!

  3. Love your choice of map fabric.

  4. I love the new look of this chair. Great choice and job on bringing new life to this piece.

  5. Cute remodel. Love the fabric. Thanks for sharing at the To Grandmas House We Go Link Party.

  6. Audra I can't believe that you were able to just glue the fabric on. I am very impressed. Love the fabric pattern and the deep stain you have added. It looks nothing like before.


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