Fixing a Fail

What was I thinking? Can I say that I'd just had a baby and the sleep deprivation annihilated any decent taste in decorating? Yeah, I'll go with that. 

I'm almost too embarrassed to show the original picture, almost. 

Now that I'm back to normal hours of sleep I want to shake myself by the shoulders and ask: what were you thinking? Aluminum foil for a mirror-wanna-be? 

I had wanted to hide the hanging wire in the back, but I've decided that its actually kinda cute. 
(Will I be shaking myself by the shoulders later and asking myself, what were you thinking???  Possibly.)

sleeping under the stars
(all who love corny humor, smirk along with me)

Frame was wiped over with DIY stain and it helped tone down the color.

 Stained the inside of the frame, too. Adds a nice contrast to the paint.

Click here for the Twinkle, Twinkle, Book Page Stars Wreath.

I think this has gone from FAIL to fantastic improvement.
We'll see how I feel about it as my ever-so-slowly-coming-together-gallery-wall emerges.


  1. Much better without the foil! Yes, we all ask ourselves from time to time, "What was I thinking?"

  2. I've had my share of those moments.....I've learned to resist the urge to create anything when I'm tired because it always turns out as a mess,lol.....


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