Garden Junque Part 3

 Summer heat is in full swing whether we've passed the Summer Equinox or not. Flowers have bloomed, wilted, drank some water, and perked back up. Anyone else sporting a dirt-under-the-fingernails manicure from tending their garden? If you're like me, it takes an automatic watering system to keep everything anything alive, so I tend towards more creative ideas to brighten the garden, like painted pots, penny gazing ball, or fairy houses.

This edition of Garden Junque is centered on merchandise created specifically to sell. I can't be the only one who relies on repurposed finds to accent my garden!

Pallet Planter Boxes
These simple boxes were created as merchandise for craft fair season. I just love the funky spindle/table leg handles on these, they are beautiful with or without flowers.

The handle on this was a black table leg distressed with turquoise paint. I took this to my booth with clenched fists, I just loved it so much! It sold in under a week simply because it is awesome! I think the color sold it.

I made three more (only two pictured below) specifically for a Christmas craft fair. Only one in blue sold, not the best time of the year to sell garden items.

The lady that bought one shared that she planned to use it as a unique table centerpiece. Gotta admit it would hold plenty of silverware set into mason jars! Could even work as a crafting caddy holding paint brushes, colored pencils, scissors, etc. Pretty much anything you can slip into a tin can or mason jar. Could even staple some garden fabric to the inside...hmmmmmm, more staging possibilities for these.

I scored big when I found this old macrame headboard. The yarn itself was old and dusty so I trashed it. Seriously, it was gross. But look at those loooooong, spindly-spindle-frame-thingies! Just a simple trim on the ends and it fit perfectly. 

I think staining the wood creates a more sophisticated look but it looks cute, too, au naturale.

Discarded Chair to Planter Holder

The neighbors tossed out this chair that had obvious signs of sun bleaching and weathering. 

bottoms of the legs were eaten away, not an issue though,
since this will be sitting in dirt

eek! look at the fabric difference!
The darker fabric really highlights the sun bleaching of
the exposed fabric. Makes me wanna douse myself
in sunscreen before heading outside!


In the past, I have used a jigsaw for my woodworking needs but wanted to try this multi-tool my sister gave me for my birthday.  It worked just as well.

At the Christmas fair, I placed a real poinsettia in the pot with a printout of plant suggestions for this climate. It didn't sell.

To enhance its appearance, I stained the entire chair in dark walnut and am opting for a different planter with real plants. I'm LOVING the darker wood, especially with the funky chair back. I really might keep this one. 

Currently, I'm working on smaller repurposed planters for succulents and cacti. Hopefully, I'll have them finished before summer ends! 

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  1. I love seeing discarded chairs put to good use. Yours is so cute! Architectural elements really add personality to a garden.

  2. Love it! Yes, dirt under the nails and the need for an automatic watering system. I'm not even sure that will save my blooms though. Plants hate me...but they would look adorable in that chair. I think I need to find myself one. Happy Summer!!

  3. I love these -- that red spindle is awesome! I too have a bit of trouble getting things to take off in the garden so I added some 'garden art' this year -- draw the focus away from the lack of plants haha! That chair is great -- I LOVE the way it's legs are bent -- great projects!


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