Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn Wreath

In keeping with the theme of Reusing and Renewing I challenged myself to create an Autumn wreath using what I had at home. The burlap-like fabric was a purchased remnant...everything else is an upcycle.

Juice Lid Circles:
To see the post on how to make these, click here.  These three were made from an old church handout from last year. I'd saved it because I loved the leaf design. Jute was glued around the edge of the juice lids. 

Denim Flowers: 
To see the post on how to make these, click here. These are the original two flowers I made in my Denim Flowers post. The only addition is the beads sewn into the centers for a more decorative touch. We're making these for MOPS this month and it was suggested to add a button or something to the center. Me likey! 

All decorations were pinned with orange and yellow straight pins from my sewing box. I have commitment issues and wasn't ready to permanently place these on the wreath. I rather like the idea of changing up the decorations as Autumn turns into the holiday season. 

Wreath Materials Already On-Hand
Styrofoam piece
Floral Wire 

Materials Bought
Burlap-like Material from remnants box, roughly a yard and a half for $1.50.

Traced the general shape of my spring/summer wreath onto the Styrofoam and then cut it out with a serrated knife. (Don't mind the flower arrangement. My four year old "picked" flowers from the wreath.) This was MESSY with little pieces of Styrofoam tumbling all over. Clean up took awhile.

Then I cut the burlap-like material into 3-4 inch-wide strips and frayed the edges, also rather messy. Each section was wrapped around the Styrofoam circle and tucked, rather than glued, into place.(remember the commitment issues? Or maybe this one is more laziness...didn't want to get up and look for the glue.)

A piece of flower wire was twisted into a loop and stuck into the back of the wreath as a hook. Works great!

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