Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love in a Jar gift idea

** Dear Husband -- Please STOP reading and delete this post from your inbox. I LOVE that you follow me via-e-mail but this is part of your Valentines gift! If you do keep reading this...please act surprised on Valentine's Day. Thank you! **


And now...for everyone else...

Love in a Jar
Credit goes to Tracey at My-CreativiT. This is the 2nd time she's inspired my crafting! Here is her take on the project:

She has great ideas posted on her blog for date nights. We have two small children so we weren't able to be as spontaneous as her (I LOVE this idea, but without Grandparents close by it would take more planning than spontenaity. An idea for an empty nest day.  drive, check out the sights, and stay overnight wherever we stop).

dollar store jar

all scrap book paper pieces
small rubber band from a newspaper

added a pocket to the back with some
blank hearts so we can add
to it as we think of more ideas

ignore the mess in the background
the kids were making their own
Valentines at the same time
precious memories :)

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frame to Chalkboard: Third Time's a Charm

Third Time's A Charm

 I have a hard time passing by any frame: garage sale, curb alert, thrift store, they all end up in my home cluttering up my work table (I actually have two work tables because I can't keep one clean enough!).

For this project I picked the larger frame, the one with that "gorgeous" cat in the middle. Not sure why this pic was framed so nicely. ???

I did rip off the backing, again, a very nice frame job for such a funny picture. I don't get it. Maybe at one time it had meaning to the owner...before it ended up a freebie. Anyways, I only ripped it off to salvage the black matting frame...who knows when that will come in handy? 

This is the first version. Decided to use it as a monthly tracker for our "total debt paid-off." But I wasn't digging the all black look. Just didn't seem to fit into the room. Click Here to see the Tutorial on the Credit Card Chalkboard in the back.

Here is a photo of Take 2. Eh...still not digging the frame color. (The brown portion in the photo below.)

Third time's a charm, right?

Here it is above the stove replacing a garage sale plaque. I like the message way more than the colors. 

Its too big for this space...too bad I hammered in two addition nail holes to mount When I find a smaller frame I can repeat the idea. Now to find a place for this frame with some "elbow room."

Here it is perched on top of the Credit Card Chalkboard in our dining room. It won't last there long since it isn't anchored to the wall. Eventually this bright colored beauty will find a permanent home in our home.

...until then it'll stay a wandering chalkboard with fun quotes sketched on it to keep us motivated. 

 “We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.” 
― Dave RamseyThe Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” 
― Dave Ramsey

“Pray like it all depends on God, but work like it all depends on you.” 
― Dave Ramsey

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”
― Dave Ramsey

Savor: Time Standing Still

Have  you heard of MomHeart Online? Its a ministry to moms put together by Sally Clarkson. This morning  I was reading an old poster, the Sands of Time. A quote from it caught my eye and reminded me of my Word of the Year for 2013: savor. (emphasis added by me)

And now the hourglass is supposed to be flipped and the sands of time race against one another to live out our New Year’s resolutions. I’m thinking my hour glass needs to rest on its side to allow time to stand still and my mind to be clear to receive what this new year will be, could be. Not of my own making but through God’s making and through the Spirits moving.

It reminds me to be and Human-BEing, not a Human-DOing. Its ok to just sit, be still, savor the moments of life. Whether its tickling my son while ignoring the vacuum or printing off another My Little Pony picture for my daughter to color instead of starting dinner I am enjoying the moment...and the love that my kids feel from having their needs met. And the stress I don't feel from trying to have it all done. The mail piles up, there's clutter on the floor, something is going sour in the back of the fridge, but I'm content. I'm savoring my life today instead of rushing through it.

There are still days of checklists and to-do lists...that's part of life...but they are not the script for my overall week.

Savor. What are you enjoying? Taking delight in? Where are you experiencing pleasure? Take time to savor your life.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: Happy Birthday Reminder Sign

This was pinned to my Crafts to Make board on Pinterest  and then about 15 minutes later I was rummaging around in my craft room for supplies. Maybe 2 minutes later this project was started! I don't usually have such a fast turn-around on projects (my mind is set on "simmer") but this is a NEED for our home. Both my husband and I are HORRIBLE at remembering birthdays. Totally sucks for our family who sends us cards and gifts and we're responding with a be-lated text b-day message. (I know, a belated birthday text message is sooooooooooo tacky!!!!) In all, I spent about a week on this project.

Head over to Classy Clutter for their tutorial on theirs, pictured above.

Originally I wanted to use juice lids...but when I counted out how many we'd  need just for our family, it wasn't feasible.

Challenge of resourcefulness! Next attempt, trace juice lid onto linen scraps and cut out.

Each circle was coated with Mod Podge to make them flat and sturdy. 

I was going to use fabric marker to write names and b-days, but then I thought of this idea instead. I purchased a shiny neutral scrap book paper from Michaels for the owl's bodies. Eyes and wings were made with pieces of scrap book paper on hand. Using the white sharpie paint pen I made the whites of their eyes. 

Colored sharpies were used to color in the eyes. 

Each owl was glued onto the linen circle using craft glue. I unraveled a square of burlap for the ties. You can kind of see the needle below. It was tricker on the circles where the Mod Podge went to the edge...the needle had a difficult time making a hole large enough for the burlap string to pass through. 

A paint stick and the original knob from the Bathroom Cabinet found at a garage sale were spray painted with brown spray paint. Here are the owls arranged in chronological order. 

Using two different stencils and blending two acrylic paint colors together I added the phrase, "OWL remember B-day." 

wide shot of my dining room accent wall

 Not sure if this is the permanent home or not. It looks cute here and we do spend a lot of time in this multi-purpose dining/computer room so it'll get eye-balled frequently. The real question, though, is will we remember to say Happy Birthday before the day or will old habits die hard?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

I'm totally gushing right now!

Thanks to Nissa Made @ for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award.


This award, believe it or not, has no Wikipedia entry. Here's a copy & paste from NissaMade: 
Don't know what the Liebster Awards are?   It's an fun "award" passed from blogger to blogger as a way to network and acknowledge some of your favourite blogs.  A receiving blog must have less than 200 followers.  

To participate:
1. Thank and link back up to the one that nominated you (Me).
2. Answer 11 question asked to you by me.
3. Tell us 11 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 of your favorite blogs that have less than 200 followers
5. Ask them 11 questions.

nissaMade bags and stuff

11 Questions Asked by NissaMade to her Nominees: 

1. What's your favourite day of the week?
It used to be Friday since neither my husband or I worked and we had a family day. Now its Monday since he works Fridays now.

2. What would you be doing right now if you weren't responding to this?
Working on my sewing project on the Learn to Sew Series at Crazy Little Projects.

3. What's your favourite crafting or sewing tool?
My sewing machine that I bought in August. Its been so much fun to learn to use! 

4. How many posts to you write a week?
I try and do one a week. Sometimes its more if I get backed up or have an explosion of ideas.

5. What made you start a blog?
I signed up to be the Craft Coordinator for MOPS and was inspired by all the crafty blogs I visited to start one of my own. Now its my second addiction, after coffee. 

6. What skill would you like to have or learn that you don't have right now?
Speak another language fluently. 

7. What's your favourite thing to shop for?
A good deal...on anything. Its the rush. 

8.  Link or post a picture of a handbag you have been lusting for.

but in turquoise

Didn't think I had such expensive taste since I usually get my purses on sale or thrifting. ~sigh~ Maybe in ten years or so I'll find one at Goodwill? lol

9. What's your favourite vacation spot?
Camping anywhere. No internet, no phone, no clock, no schedule. Just being. Its so freeing and relaxing. 

10.  Do you play a musical instrument?
Used to play the piano. Now I just putz around on the keyboard. 

11.  What's your favourite chip/crisp flavour?
Doritos Regular and Cooler Ranch. mmmmmmmmmm! 

11 Things About Myself:
1. I LOVE coffee.
2. I love Linky Parties and their inspiring ideas. 
3. I've been experimenting with "Green" cleaning supplies and am LOVING it!
4. I stopped using I use the no-poo method from Ashley's Green Life.
5. I'm the Craft Coordinator for MOPS. 
6. We actively support Operation Smile since our son was born with a cleft lip and palate. 
7. I'm in love with chalk paint.
8. My favorite present this year was a power sander from my husband. Really, no sarcasm here! lol
9. I'm planning my first craft fair for this year and am working on items already.
10. Turquoise and any and every hue related to it is my absolute favorite color. 
11. My faith is very important to me, especially as I live my life through its ups and downs and realize just how tangible it can be. 

Blogs I'm nominating: 
1. Ashley's Green Life @
2. My Love 2 Create @
3. Mandy Jean Chic @
4. The Thrifty Challenge @
5. And Who Says You Can't? @
6. Renew, Create, Restore @
7. Re-love @
8. Karen Whitley Paintings @
9. ChippaSunshine @
10. My-CreativiT @
11. Thrifty Chicken @

11 Questions to the above Bloggers if they choose to accept: 
1. Are you a Pinterest Junkie? 
2. What is your favorite part of blogging? 
3. Which cause is closest to your heart and why? 
4. What books/literature do you like to read most? 
5. Have you had a crafting "epic fail?" Feel free to share a pic. 
6. Do you have a favorite quote? 
7. What is your favorite crafting tool? 
8. If you could win an all-expenses-paid-trip to anywhere, where would you go? 
9. Who would you take with you? 
10. Do you use any "green" items in your home? What? 
11. What is your favorite thing about yourself? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Recycled Paper Beads from Junk Mail

The inspiration for this idea came from two different websites: pintalalluna & astorybooklife. Combining their directions I came up with this method for making paper beads. We'll be using these, along with store bought wooden beads, for our first of the year MOPS craft.

Step 1: Shred hated junk mail
my 3 year old's
photography skills

Step 2: Place in large pot and cover with boiling water (as I poured in the boiling water I was able to add more shredded paper) These two pots (my largest) held about a shredder and a half. A stock pot would be better! lol

Step 3: Cover and let sit for an hour. Stir occasionally to break up the paper fibers.
Step 4: use a blender to further break down the paper.

Step d: drain as best as possible
Step 6: Add enough plaster of paris to create a firm consistency.

Step 7: Roll into desired size balls, squeezing water out as you go.
This step was pretty messy. I kept a Tupperware bowl next to me to squeeze the water into.

Step 8: Drill holes. Yep, DRILL, the plaster is pretty tough and trying to push a nail through it only broke the ball. Screw and drill it was.
Optional Step: If balls seem rough to the touch, smooth with sand paper
(I skipped this step ONLY because we will be coating these with tissue paper and Mod Podge. If we were painting them I would have sanded them.)

Step 9: Decorate!
Click here for the tutorial from Art Mind on how to decorate.

Here are a few of the recycled balls I decorated last night. Not sure where they'll go...they look so fun just by themselves!


I didn't take any pictures with my camera decorating the recycled beads. Click the link below to see one I took with my phone at our MOPS meeting.
Click here to see my post on decorating beads at our MOPS group.

Step 3: allow to simmer for several hours, stir or use a hand blender periodically to help break up the paper.

Step 4: drain
Step 5: add plaster of paris and mix well

 The best part of this method is that there was less water to squeeze out as I rolled the balls. The draw back is that it takes FOREVER for them to dry. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use the balls from this method of the MOPS activity because they weren't dry enough.

Step 6: roll into balls and allow to dry. 
Step 7: drill holes
Step 8: OPTIONAL, sand rough edges if you plan on painting them or want a more smooth finish
Step 9: Decorate!
(which I still haven't done. now that they aren't needed for MOPS I'm going to hang onto them and see what other purposes I can come up with.)

Decorative Bead Necklaces: MOPS CRAFT

This is an extension of the post on Recycled Paper Beads from Junk Mail. Here is how we decorated them and few samples of what was made. 

Tutorial Here from ArtMind on how to Mod Podge the Beads.

sample bracelet made from
1 inch Styrofoam balls

sample bracelet made from 1/4 inch
wooden beads from Hobby Lobby


These were taken with my phone and I can't seem to figure out how to flip the picture. sorry! 

balls in the bowl are the recycled junk mail balls
the basket holds assorted beads from Hobby Lobby
the small size beads were more popular
sample ideas to get the 
creative juice flowing
The balls on the far right, hanging from the pipe cleaner,
are made from the recycled junk mail balls.

 Here's a necklace I made all from wooden beads.

Here's a beautiful necklace made by one of our MOPS' moms. 
I love how she curled the ribbons from the bow. 
Thanks for sharing it!