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Love in a Jar gift idea

** Dear Husband -- Please STOP reading and delete this post from your inbox. I LOVE that you follow me via-e-mail but this is part of your Valentines gift! If you do keep reading this...please act surprised on Valentine's Day. Thank you! **


And now...for everyone else...

Credit goes to Tracey at My-CreativiT. This is the 2nd time she's inspired my crafting! Here is her take on the project:

She has great ideas posted on her blog for date nights. We have two small children so we weren't able to be as spontaneous as her (I LOVE this idea, but without Grandparents close by it would take more planning than spontenaity. An idea for an empty nest day.  drive, check out the sights, and stay overnight wherever we stop).

Click Here

Frame to Chalkboard: Third Time's a Charm

I have a hard time passing by any frame: garage sale, curb alert, thrift store, they all end up in my home cluttering up my work table (I actually have two work tables because I can't keep one clean enough!).

For this project I picked the larger frame, the one with that "gorgeous" cat in the middle. Not sure why this pic was framed so nicely. ???

I did rip off the backing, again, a very nice frame job for such a funny picture. I don't get it. Maybe at one time it had meaning to the owner...before it ended up a freebie. Anyways, I only ripped it off to salvage the black matting frame...who knows when that will come in handy? 

This is the first version. Decided to use it as a monthly tracker for our "total debt paid-off." But I wasn't digging the all black look. Just didn't seem to fit into the room. Click Here to see the Tutorial on the Credit Card Chalkboard in the back.
Here is a photo of Take 2. Eh...still not digging the frame color. (The brown …

Savor: Time Standing Still

Have  you heard of MomHeart Online? Its a ministry to moms put together by Sally Clarkson. This morning  I was reading an old poster, the Sands of Time. A quote from it caught my eye and reminded me of my Word of the Year for 2013: savor. (emphasis added by me)

And now the hourglass is supposed to be flipped and the sands of time race against one another to live out our New Year’s resolutions.I’m thinking my hour glass needs to rest on its side to allow time to stand still and my mind to be clear to receive what this new year will be, could be. Not of my own making but through God’s making and through the Spirits moving.

It reminds me to be and Human-BEing, not a Human-DOing. Its ok to just sit, be still, savor the moments of life. Whether its tickling my son while ignoring the vacuum or printing off another My Little Pony picture for my daughter to color instead of starting dinner I am enjoying the moment...and the love that my kids feel from having their needs met. And the stress I …

Pinterest Challenge: Happy Birthday Reminder Sign

This was pinned to my Crafts to Make board on Pinterest  and then about 15 minutes later I was rummaging around in my craft room for supplies. Maybe 2 minutes later this project was started! I don't usually have such a fast turn-around on projects (my mind is set on "simmer") but this is a NEED for our home. Both my husband and I are HORRIBLE at remembering birthdays. Totally sucks for our family who sends us cards and gifts and we're responding with a be-lated text b-day message. (I know, a belated birthday text message is sooooooooooo tacky!!!!) In all, I spent about a week on this project.

Head over to Classy Clutter for their tutorial on theirs, pictured above.

Originally I wanted to use juice lids...but when I counted out how many we'd  need just for our family, it wasn't feasible.

Challenge of resourcefulness! Next attempt, trace juice lid onto linen scraps and cut out.

Each circle was coated with Mod Podge to make them flat and sturdy. 

I was going to u…

Liebster Award Nomination

I'm totally gushing right now!

Thanks to Nissa Made @ http://www.nissamade.comfor nominating my blog for the Liebster Award.


This award, believe it or not, has no Wikipedia entry. Here's a copy & paste from NissaMade:  Don't know what the Liebster Awards are?   It's an fun "award" passed from blogger to blogger as a way to network and acknowledge some of your favourite blogs.  A receiving blog must have less than 200 followers.  

To participate:
1. Thank and link back up to the one that nominated you (Me).
2. Answer 11 question asked to you by me.
3. Tell us 11 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 of your favorite blogs that have less than 200 followers
5. Ask them 11 questions.

11 Questions Asked by NissaMade to her Nominees: 
1. What's your favourite day of the week?
It used to be Friday since neither my husband or I worked and we had a family day. Now its Monday since he works Fridays now.
2. What would you be doing right now if you weren't res…

Recycled Paper Beads from Junk Mail

The inspiration for this idea came from two different websites: pintalalluna & astorybooklife. Combining their directions I came up with this method for making paper beads. We'll be using these, along with store bought wooden beads, for our first of the year MOPS craft.

Step 1: Shred hated junk mail

Step 2: Place in large pot and cover with boiling water (as I poured in the boiling water I was able to add more shredded paper) These two pots (my largest) held about a shredder and a half. A stock pot would be better! lol

Step 3: Cover and let sit for an hour. Stir occasionally to break up the paper fibers.
Step 4: use a blender to further break down the paper.

Step d: drain as best as possible
Step 6: Add enough plaster of paris to create a firm consistency.

Step 7: Roll into desired size balls, squeezing water out as you go.
This step was pretty messy. I kept a Tupperware bowl next to me to squeeze the water into.

Step 8: Drill holes. Yep, DRILL, the plaster is…

Decorative Bead Necklaces: MOPS CRAFT

This is an extension of the post on Recycled Paper Beads from Junk Mail. Here is how we decorated them and few samples of what was made. 

Tutorial Here from ArtMind on how to Mod Podge the Beads.


These were taken with my phone and I can't seem to figure out how to flip the picture. sorry! 

sample ideas to get the  creative juice flowing

 Here's a necklace I made all from wooden beads.

Here's a beautiful necklace made by one of our MOPS' moms.  I love how she curled the ribbons from the bow. 
Thanks for sharing it!