Monday, November 24, 2014

Turquoise Dining Chairs

At the beginning of the year I made-over our breakfast nook, minus the two chairs. The chairs needed to pop with color to balance out what is a chocolaty-brown-saturated room.

Which shade of turquoise was proving to be a bigger decision than this indecisive person could manage. Here is where I left the chairs in January of this year...and about 10 months later inspiration came!

Jaime, from shared her gorgeous spray painted teal dining chairs. I was IN LOVE with the red peek-a-booing from under the teal and knew this is what my dining room needed.

my turquoise chairs

Original Look
Spray Painted with Kilz Primer (not pictured)

First Coat: Acrylic Paint in Berry Red

 Second Coat of Paint: Tratorria Teal by Behr
only one coat of paint sloppily applied---eliminated the need to sand 
(I detest sanding and avoid it when possible.)
This is the same color I used on my fence piece bookshelf.

Sealed with a can of Polycrylic that I picked up FOR FREE from my local Hazmat disposal site. It was 80% full. SCORE! 

I just adore how the berry red peek-a-boos thru the turquoise blue. *love* 

The Breakfast Nook 

Would you like to come over for a cup of tea? 
Or coffee. We have that in abundance. 

The orange frame isn't really as orange as it looks in these photos. A less neon photo can be seen here. In reality, its more of an orange red.

I wasn't sure if I'd like the cardboard barn star against the chocolate brown of the wall, but the metallic paint helps it hold its own.

And I have to brag on my turquoise trees painting. Coupled with the chairs it adds some much needed color to the room.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall Trees gone Turquoise

Some friends invited me along with them to an open painting & wine session at a local painting store. It was a blast! Especially for my first time. 

Since it was open paint we could pick any design we wanted and paint away. It was fun to see each person's unique take on the same idea. Here is my friends and I next to our finished paintings. 

The recommendation was the royal blue background but my blood runs turquoise. Very happy with the finished colors.  

Given that this was the first time for me and there was no direct instruction I am very pleased with how this turned out. It was fun to experiment mixing the colors and layering them on. 

Totally love how the trees turned out. 

It is currently hanging in our dining room. 
Love how it looks against the Chocolate Sparkle color of our accent wall. 

I would definitely do this again! 


where is my canvas? 
and why is this cup for water and not the wine???

yep, after a bottle of wine this is way too much fun! lol
and yes, I am too dang fabulous! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Floor Samples to Bathroom Towel Holder

While cleaning out some random cabinets I came across more floor samples...I don't recall grabbing so many from Home Depot...but the evidence doesn't lie. This makes samples 4 and 5. The first three floor samples were turned into a key holder, click here to see. It was one of my favorite projects this year so I decided to repeat the magic.

Our master bath currently has the only shower so it gets a lot of traffic. We've been removing the yucky towel bars and moving towards something more "us," which has turned out to be more of a moving target than anticipated. lol

The kids had this fun zoo towel holder complete with personal art work. If you check out the tiger's nose you'll notice it fell off.

Here is the before and after. 

The teal color ended up not getting used. 
After a "sloppy" coat of the Khaki Brown, both pieces were whitewashed.

Letters stenciled in Chocolate Bar. Sealed with Polycrylic.

The hooks were a Restore score. They were originally white. 
Their transformation:
1. primed with Kilz spray
2. brown spray paint
3. creme spray paint
4. sanded for a worn look
5. sealed with polycrylic
The nails and screws were placed all around to prevent the towel holder from moving. Can we call it an "industrial" look? hahaha Seriously, my son has been known to hang from his towel...remember that missing nose on the tiger? Nothing in my stash of hangers looked secure enough for his boyish wiles. If the towel holder falls, its taking the drywall with it, lol.  

The amperstand was a wooden find from Walmart a while back. It was painted in turquoise, then whitewashed to soften the look. 

We've had this up for a good month now and I rather like the more "grown up" look in our bathroom. Its a far cry from being updated but its a step in the right direction.

Friday, November 7, 2014

MOPS centerpieces & banner

MOPS stands for Mother's of Preschoolers. Its a fun group, usually church sponsored, where mommas of young ones can come together to socialize---without their kids interrupting, eat a warm breakfast--without little fingers helping themselves, and discuss the challenges of motherhood. I am going into my fourth year with MOPS and some of my best friends have come from this group.

This year I am helping with hospitality. The budget is modestly modest, but I love a challenge!

I love Michael's, especially when there is a big clearance sale on their dollar items--and a coupon to boot! Between that and my craft room supply I was able to put together some cute decor on a very slim budget.

This years theme is Be You, Bravely. The images are: keys, feathers, & arrows.

The denim flowers were a spin-off from an old flower design. Here I added some sparkly ribbon and pom-pom ribbon (flower center).

Twine-wrapped & feather-topped pens. Cute notebooks as a "welcome to our MOPS group" gift.

And who doesn't love free stuff?
This was made from a bakers cocoa box.
These cute pics go next to our childcare check-in. 

So True! 
A Toddler's Rules of Possession
found vis Pinterest, not sure of original source

And that's that. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fence Pieces to Bookshelf

These were a freecycle find: fence boards which were advertised as not what I had in mind when I went to pick them up.  I would have just driven away but the owners came out and helped me stuff them in my van, they just barely fit. The man of the house even dug around for some rope to secure the hatch, they really wanted these clunky things to go! 
The built-in shelves are pictured on the floor. They were gutted from someone's house and posted on freecycle. It was six planks, 6ft long, about 12 inches wide, and in good shape considering the demolition they went through. 

Initially I painted the fence boards and used them as a "wall" in my craft corner which is in our unfinished basement. While it did help brighten up the drab area I still didn't find it a very inspiring place to create and so it acts as more of  dumping ground. With three small kiddos its much easier to work on projects upstairs on the kitchen counter where I can keep an eye on the little monsters. 

This is what I call "functionally finished." The kiddos put their DVDs up Blockbuster-style -- RIP. 

Mid-construction I came across this orphaned outdoor table just sitting on the sidewalk. 

Some light damage, nothing a little TLC can't fix. 

 Homemade white chalk paint.

Homemade chalk paint in Trattoria Teal by Glidden. 
I picked this color for a dresser I'm so s.l.o.w.l.y working on 
and all can say about the color is: love!

The construction of the fence pieces made for a
 natural bookcase set-up.

Oh yeah -- we're still rockin' the VHS tapes! 

The fake plants were snatched from a "curb alert." 
Enjoy your mini-faux-jungle, little tiger.

The little table cleaned up nicely. Sealed with polycrylic.

One Man's Trash IS This Woman's Treasure! 
I cannot believe the number of things in this picture that are freebie finds either from Craigslist free or Freecycle:
1. coffee table & bookshelf from this post
2. the small TV stand
3. toy organizer (far left of picture), was a hand-me-down
4. the carpet remnant pieces, both blue & brown
5. not pictured: the carpet padding under the blue carpet
Several of the toys, blankets, electronics, couch, books are from 
the local thrift store or garage sales.

Its a bit tricky dressing up an unfinished basement on a shoe-string budget but worth the effort to create some extra space for the kids. 

 The Trattoria Teal color certainly helps brighten up the dingy corner. 


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