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Redneck Pallet Deck 3 Summers Later

This was a home improvement project interrupted. I started the project with gusto, then got preggo. By the time the pallets were leveled out I was too big to bend over and secure the planks. Shoot, I couldn't even reach down and tie my own shoes, Dear Hubby had to do that for me.

Fast forward two years later and my little babe is old enough to keep himself somewhat occupied which means I can get back to the project. Its showing some wear and tear:

I read several blog posts & watched many Youtube videos on DIY pallet decks and it was common to leave the pallet boards in we did too...


What I wish I'd considered...

This is ALOT of work but would help with the water/mildew problem. I didn't do this step, partially because I am lazy and partially because I thought the original pallet boards & frame would add stability. This is probably true, I just wasn't counting on the water…

Zoo Print Shelf Makeover

One of my decorating mottos is, "one can never have too many shelves," and it has evolved over the course of home ownership. One of our first home improvements was adding custom shelves to a recessed window, and my infatuation with horizontal wood at predicable distances apart has not faded...almost the opposite!

So I was THRILLED to find these shelves sitting on the curb on trash day (my friend's neighborhood throws out the best stuff, its my second favorite place to "treasure hunt"). While there were two of them, one had significant water damage  on one end. I took both anyways and cut off the damaged cube, shoved the remaining two cubes under my craft desk and loaded it up with scrapbook paper. Now I have the corner of my desk back. :)

The other one went into my son's room. He's needed some updated storage now that he and his sister have their own toys verses sharing toys. (It was so much easier when they were toddlers together and played with the sam…

Found Topless

The end table, that is, not me. Everything here is all tucked in where it should be. The only top missing is for this interesting end table, maybe in the bottom of the dumpster I fished it out of? I was only willing to dig so deep, ya know? Take home the treasure, not the smell.

Topless, it almost looks upside down, but its not. We tried it that way, too, just to make sure.

And yes, my little girl's room really is that messy. She takes after me. :)

Here we are in the basement, our playroom/laundry room/storage unit/craft room (we like to make the most of our space), swapping out boards and planks to see what fits. FINALLY I agreed to cut up an old shutter that was buried in the corner of the corner (there was no actual argument with anyone...just me mentally agreeing with the hoarding inner-self that swore that there was no reason to slice the shutter up...even though I've done NOTHING with it for the past three years). 

The addition shutters were previously made into a very s…

Spindle Chalkboard

Happy Back-to-School-Season! My kiddos are LOVING their teachers and friends, old & new. Makes this momma happy. Already their spongy brains are soaking up the reading and math skills and we're swelling with pride! 
The only drawback to school is loosing our slow-start mornings. I didn't realize how draining it had been on me until Friday afternoon when I went to pick up my son from daughter's testing was earlier that day so she had a friend over while her brother was at school. We rushed out the door to drop off her friend and pick up her brother, I'm not known for my punctuality but am trying to change was whirlwind trip trying to be on time. 
While waiting for my son I noticed that my feet felt funny. Looking down I saw this: Yep, ran out the door so fast I slipped on two different flip flops. My daughter started laughing loudly which caused many parent heads to turn my way. Oh goodie. Well, hopefully this will be the most embarrassing th…