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Remnant Fabric Peeps

Peeps, love 'em or hate 'em. We're a sugar-addicted family so we LOVE them...or most of us anyways. And it's not just the candy version that catches our fancy, my kiddos gravitate towards the stuffy peeps, too (ok, they gravitate towards ANY stuffy which is why we own way too many of them). Recently my daughter spied a mini peep stuffy for $6 at the local drugstore. RIDICULOUS! We'll make our own, thank you very much!

And the ideas are out there!

Have you seen these ADORABLE peep pillows by Chas? She inspired this crafty journey. Her peep pillows elicited a chorus of "awwwwww" from my kiddos and myself. There was no turning back from making our own puffed peep pillows.

We used the pattern from but followed the tutorial from Both sites have a how-to tutorial and a printable pattern, we just combined the two to fit our purpose.

A little background on our families sewing skills: 
My daught…

Refreshed Pallet Planter Box

This pallet planter originally started out with a Christmas theme. After two seaons of craft fairs I had one red handled planter left, all the others sold. Rather than lug it back and forth for another craft fair season I decided to refresh it. 

While contemplating the color I measured the tree branch to replace the handle. The branch was actually one of the trunks from an artificial tree, see below.

This freebie tree is very much like The Giving Tree as far as my crafty world is concerned. I've already used some of the leaves to make faux feathers. Most of one branch/trunk is used for this project. Still have two whole branches, a small branch, and most of the leaves to use. Who knows what will come next?  Found these hole driller thingies (not sure what they are called) at a garage sale for .25cents each. It was excited to finally use them after hiding under my craft hoard for the better part of a year. 

Refresh Pizazz: 1. homemade chalk paint applied lighter in other areas to mi…

Rotating Necklace Holder

Rarely, if ever, do I start, finish, AND blog about a project all in the same day. Today is that rare day.

Since repainting the master bedroom I've needed a new necklace holder. The old one was nailed to the wall but after spackling and painting I was reluctant to re-add holes since we're preparing our home to sell. So for a handful of months, the necklaces have slowly tangled into a knot worthy of a brain teaser challenge.

Take One: 
First: peruse Pinterest for inspiration.
Second: pick several ideas that I like but (a) don't have the items on hand, or (b) pick ideas that are not feasible for the space intended.
Third: shrug off Pinterest and start sifting through my craft supplies trusting that inspiration will spark.

And it did.

Take Two: 

Thank goodness I'm a glass hoarder! Gave me a delicious range of color choices to pick from.

1. Cleaned gunk off of lampshade piece with sandpaper then sprayed gray matte, added a coat of clear sealer.                                 …

Suitcase Makeover for a Booth Display

I found this sturdy suitcase in my favorite shopping spot: next to a trashcan.

The lock was broken and I had to pry the clasps off to open it. A lovely rust orange greeted me.

My first makeover involved ripping out the orange fabric and Mod Podging maps into the inside. For durability, a couple more coats of Mod Podge were painted over the maps. The outside was given a couple coats of DIY chalk paint in grey. I thought it was done but I just couldn't gel with the look. For almost two years this sat in my basement looking just like this. 
The grey wasn't bad...but it wasn't great. I went through a season where I used what I had on hand and the finished product was the finished product. Lately, though, I've become more selective and decided that I need to LOVE what I make. Time to take my skills and apply them to creating pieces that spark passion. In this case, passionate pieces are more often than not turquoise, teal, or covered in relcaimed wood. 

Recently I fell in lov…