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Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Recently I learned how to create a GIF. I like learning new things. Without a challenge, I get bored. To practice my emerging gif-y skill (let's say its a thing) I thought I'd capture the process of putting together an accent wall that will eventually serve to corral the backpacks, jackets, gloves, and hats that come with this season of the year. 

The first weekend was spent measuring, cutting, and sanding the boards. Fortunately, I had most of the boards I needed and only had to scavenge up one pallet to create the height I wanted.

There was some creativity in filling in some odd spaces...but it works! 
The fence boards were whitewashed and the pallet boards were given a coat of Early American stain. The remainder of the boards were a hodge-podge collection with various widths and wood type. To create a cohesive look among them they were coated with an Espresso stain. 

The following weekend, I arranged the boards into a pattern. The dark boards acted as a "break" in…