Monday, January 19, 2015

Face-Lift for a Medicine Cabinet turned Shelf

 This is a much needed face-lift on one of my first ever DIY projects (click here for original post, its boring, you've been warned). I'm sure its not unusual to "play it safe" when one first starts out with DIY home renovation/decoration. This original post is a solid example of that! 

When we bought our town home it had these lovely, gorgeous, 80's style bathroom cabinets. I know, you're jealous and wish you had them, too.

Just kidding. They're ugly & out-dated but structurally sound. It seemed a waste to toss it out.

Here's the how-to: 

typo correction: draw evenly spaced lines

Home-made Chalk Paint in Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams (a hazmat find: click here to see my post on getting free paint at the local hazmat.)


To achieve the desired color was a too step process: coat one was home made chalk paint in Trattoria Teal. I've used this color in several projects recently: fence-pieces-to-bookshelf and turquoise-dining-chairs
It takes on a greener hue when coated with Dark Walnut Stain, another look I'm favoring as well, which was step two.

In addition to coating the edges with stain, I also lightly wiped it over the faux-wood planks in random spots. It added dimension to the color. 

Close-up of the finished faux-wood after a light
application of stain in random spots.

VAST improvement with a little bit of paint & stain. 
After curing it will be sealed with polycrylic. 

Some Close-up Shots:

I'm in love with the finished product. ~smitten~

What do you think?

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reusable Grocery Bag Upcycle

We get a lot of mileage out of our reusable grocery bags. "Load 'em up," I ask the bagger, fewer trips from the car to the house. 

This poor bag had one too many groceries shoved into it and the strap broke off. The print was too adorable to toss it out. 

So: I turned it into a car caddy for my daughter: 

1. cut off straps
2. fold bag into itself and glue down (I used Tacky Glue)

3. thread elastic strip through one of the straps
4. stretch out and use sewing machine to secure to inside of bag
5. reattach strap to use when hanging the bag 

I had some difficulty with step 4. My first attempt was a fail...the bag hung open too much. 
So....I readjusted the elastic (tediously used the seam ripper to remove then re-stretch it further) 
Then, folded over the top sides near the strap and stitched them down.  
oh, that's embarrassing...forgot to remove the staples after gluing/stitching the straps on 
can we pretend you don't see them? ;)

It still hangs open more than I pictured, but the bag is deep enough so the items are secure. 

To fix the "saggy look" I just folded the top over. 

Hopefully this will eliminate the plethora of paper, crayons, books, toys, and water bottles that previously carpeted the van floor. 

~fingers crossed~ 

Scrap Fabric Wreath & Detachable Pine-cone Garnish

This idea originally started out as a candy-cane themed Christmas wreath, but once I started digging around in the fabric-scrap bin, it took a dramatic turn. 
I just loved the beige and burgundy remnants and went with my gut. 

The wonderful thing about this scrappy-wreath is that it is versatile....soooooooo, I get to use it for Christmas.....

And right now.....

And eventually for February. 

It won't be too difficult to switch it up which makes holiday decorating easier. Especially since it seems like the holidays come in such a whirlwind! 


The wreath started out with some dry-cleaner hangers, fabric remnants and burlap ribbon, which was more difficult to work with so I booted it to the side. (It kept unraveling while tying it into a knot. Guess it wasn't meant for this kind of project.)

 For the detachable pine cone garnish
 Hot glued strips of scraps (bit of a tongue twister) to the back of the pine cones and "hello" sign. The pine cones were also glued together.
Flipped wreath over and tied the pine cones and sign on. 


I still want to make a candy-cane themed Christmas wreath....with 11 months til next season...I have the whole spring/summer to garage sale some finds!