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Top 5 Posts of 2012

I started this blog in July out of shear boredom  My husband was gone for fourth months training with the Army and with all the extra time on my hands (that wasn't sapped by the kids) I started this blog. I have so enjoyed the Blogging Community and the inspiration that comes from such talented people (yep, that's YOU!). Thanks to all who have visited, left comments, and became GFC followers.

I look forward to a whole new year meeting more of you as we share together and inspire one another! 
Here are the Top 5 Posts based on number of viewers:

Number 5: Recovering an Old Ironing Board for less than $5

Number 4: Customized Pallet Slat Sign

Number 3: DIY Cinnamon Essential Oil and Jar

Number 2: Beatrix Potter Juice Lid Ornaments

And the Most Viewed, at Number 1: Peppermint Candy Crafts

Chalk Board Magnets

Found this idea posted at My {re}Purposed Life. Such a simple and fun idea! I love RENEWING those almost annoying magnet advertisement/calendars that come in the mail, stuck on the phone book, or in the Christmas letters from the tax person.

I've been squirreling away these magnets with no idea what to do with them...but just couldn't toss out a perfectly good magnet! These two came from our offense intended Cherise! (We really do love our realtor.) These were the biggest magnets I could find on the side of my fridge.

The chalk holder was an old Pumpkin Pie Spice tin. Again, plenty of magnets lurking around on the side of my fridge and in my junk drawers (yes, drawers, plural, how can you just have one?). I glued two magnets to the might have worked but this will see a lot of traffic and I don't want it shifting all over the place.

TV Tray Makeover

Step One: wash off
Step Two: lightly sand and wipe off
Step Three: spray paint until satisfied with coverage. I used 1 and 1/2 cans for both trays and the stand.

Step Four: Decorate!
Step Five: Seal (I used polyurethane since we'll be eating off of these.)

Mixed some acrylic paints that I already had on hand. Then dipped the brush into different parts of the container to create the painted effect I was looking for. 

This was the inspiration for my tv trays. Found here.

Did I mention that I'm a novice painter? Thought of making a stencil...but it was just easier to attack it right out. Not to shabby.

Click Here

DIY Lego Table: Curious George Style

My three year old son LOVES Curious George. They have so much in common, too, mischievous,  curious, with a hands-on approach to the world. He mimics George's monkey talk so well, too! He's our little monkey man. 

 We have a couple of kids tables and chairs, this one was just sitting in the basement unused. Thought they'd play with it in the dramatic play area with the kitchen but they just ignore the table and take to the floor. The table and chairs were a curb alert from Craigslist. I thought my son would enjoy the Cars theme but he isn't really interested in the movies or its characters too much.

He is interested in his Duplo blocks, though. I've wanted to get him a lego table but we just don't have the room for more kid furniture. After seeing several ideas for DIY lego tables I was inspired to create one, too.

Paint & Finish:
Behr's Licorice Stick
Behr's Bright Star Yellow
Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe from Elizabeth & Co.
Satin finish Polyure…

Rocking Horse Makeover: My Little Pony Style

My daughter is in a full swing addiction to My Little Pony's,  the new revamped version. She especially adores Rainbow Dash because she shoots rainbows out her tail.  In keeping with my theme of a "homemade Christmas," I snatched our old rocking horse out of the basement and took to it with some homemade chalk paint. I use Elizabeth & Co.'s recipe for homemade chalk paint and LOVE IT!

Introducing... Rainbow Dash! 

How the tail was put in: 

The wood glue worked great on the felt mane and tail. Its been given a firm tug and seems to hold fast. Whew!

Click Here to see the party at My Life's a Treasure.

Peppermint Milk Bath and Matching Tag

Found this wonderful idea at Smart! School {House}. I added more Peppermint Tea to my mix out of preference. I also included an peppermint ornament that doubles as a gift tag with instructions.

Smart! School {House}  offers a clear tutorial on how to make the Peppermint Milk Bath. See her cute idea below: 

Following is how I made a Peppermint Tag/Ornament to accompany my gift (which I placed in a jar instead of an ornament only because its what I had on hand). 

Materials (Peppermint Tag/Ornament):
Two juice lids Acrylic Paint in white and red (used a sparkly red) Mod Podge Brushes, scissors, red marker and pen (or print out on computer for a more polished look) One strand of twine (mine had three strands twisted together, just unwound them and cut a length) Step One: Paint white, when dry, add red peppermint strips Step Two: Cut out circles for the middle, add words Step Three: Use a nail and hammer and put a hole at the top of each lid Step Four: Mod Podge paper circles to the center, dry…