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Pieced-Together Planter

Its that time of the year again where I renew my resolve to grow outdoor plants. 
My secret to success? Automatic watering system. 
And the secret behind that? Someone else, the HOA gardeners, maintain and program it. 
Yep, that's all it takes. hehe
All my plants are put in the front yard for this reason. Anything I put in the backyard dies because its entirely up to me to water it. I keep telling myself I'll install a simple timer-based watering system...but I've said it for so many years now it's become a joke. 
Thrift store finds: metal candle-holder and metal strainer. The total cost between the two is under $10. 

I just ADORE the stars pattern on this strainer. The stars are the only reason I bought this...just couldn't say no. 

The base was painted with diy chalk paint in Kingfisher Blue (Valspar) and stained with Espresso stain.(Click Here for the previous post on this look.) It's a color combo I've gotten a bit obsessed with lately. The buffet in the…

Craft Room De-Stash Challenge

Not my idea but I'm a happy participant! Link up below and follow on Facebook. Together let's use up our stash and tackle that project to-do list.
The Crafty Destash challenges you to create something - anything - using primarily items within your own "stash". You are allowed up to $10 for necessary supplies (i.e. paintbushes, glue, ribbon, etc..)

An InLinkz Link-up

Pallets, and Fences and Scraps...OH MY!

They're free. They're easily found. They're like snowflakes for each board is different. They're one of my favorite crafting supplies. And the sky is the limit on what you can do with them. Did I mention they are free (usually)? Frugally fashionable.
And when I say "they" I mean: pallets, fences and random scrap wood pieces.  

My latest scrap wood project is a background for a monogram letter. And at the end of this post I added a flashback round-up of similar projects I've made over the years. 
Natural Weathered Pallet and Fence Boards
I love this monogram letter hanging over our fireplace. Roughly following the 60-30-10 color rule, this "T" coordinates with the other 10% of turquoise in my home. 

These boards are just full of character: nails, knots, cracks. 

Originally this was matte black. A couple layers of teal and turquoise acrylic paint and funky distressing (you can tell by the scratches that I didn't stick to distressing in one dire…