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Summer Hiatus

Gonna take a summer hiatus. To just be.  Be with my kids. Be with my friends.  Be present. 
have a wonderful summer! 

be YOU tiful sign & whiteboard gifts

In some ways the end of May has the overtones of Christmas; parties, formal celebrations, traditions, and presents! While our immediate family didn't celebrate any big graduations we had four teachers to gift for and I had the end of MOPS, which includes a Favorite Things gift exchange for Of course I wanted to be crafty and upcycle and a whole month to prepare seemed feasible, and then all three kids came down with a low grade fever and had to miss school. :(

Time management took a flying leap out the window as I tackled these homemade-with-love-gifts. Forget housework. Forget dishes. Forget changing out of my pajamas. Totally could rename my blog "Crafting instead of Housework."

And showering regularly is overrated, right?  

Last year, for our Favorite Things, I gave out coffee singles and hot cocoa packets, which are still favorites but I wanted to give something more substantial and meaningful. Our MOPS theme this year was "A Bea…