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Cigar Box to Hospitality Box

Last year my sister gave me a shelf-full of cigar boxes. Her roommate paints designs on them and sells them in her shop.

Finally I've done something with one of the boxes...I'm such a scared-y cat in crafting with them. I've been afraid to alter it since it looks vintage in its original form (is it sacrilegious to the vintage trend to "un-vintage" something? lol).

                 ...but since they are just sitting on a shelf as basically a dust collector...its time to muster up some creative backbone and just do it!

Starting out, I created a Pinterest Board, which is turning into my modus operandi. How can I craft without first making a board? lol
Next, assembled a few items already on hand and then made a shopping list for the rest. 

Finally, straightening into my crafting backbone, I Mod Podged Belle onto the front of the box...after the initial dab of sealer it was a breeze from there. Just had to get the ball rolling. 
New Front

New Inside

Not Pictured: add…

Curbside Bar-Height Chair

UPDATE June 2, 2018: I ended up cutting a few inches off the legs to make this chair fit under our table. Yes, it fits. No, it's not super stable. The kids have learned the hard way to not twist and wiggle in the chair too much or it tips over. Turns out that the angle of the legs helped stabilize the chair.

My takeaway from this transformation: do not shorten the legs on a bar-height chair if they are not at a 90degree angle.

I actually have no idea what style this chair is called. Bar stool? Bar height chair? Fun-spinning-chair (kiddos term)? Let's call it a Bar-Height Chair.

Anyways, after dropping my daughter off at school we snake thru the surrounding neighborhoods for treasure. I found this chair next to a saddle and old coffee table. Being short a horse, I left the saddle, and too many car-seats with diapered bottoms in them kept me from scooping up the coffee table. Chair it was.

Seat was a bit worn but the rest of the chair was protected by a thick layer of dust. lol