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Rusty Coil Creations

My kids can groan, whine, and cross their arms in silent protest (my personal favorite because its QUIET), but this momma is gonna treasure hunt on trash day. Money doesn't grow on trees children, but with some elbow grease and imagination you can make money pop out of a garbage can. Life lesson my little monkey brain babies.

While on such a "life lesson" trip I found a perfectly rusty and intact crib mattress leaned up next to a trash can. MINE! Perfect rusty goodness that I promptly disassembled, oh how it hurt my hands, and set out right away to create items for my booth.

 I thought these would be a bit more popular but I overestimated the zeal an average person has for rusty coils. Apparently not everyone appreciates these; their loss, my gain.

This wreath was inspired by Becky at

 I have no clue what this mess of wire and coils is. It was found near a dumpster. I do love the rusty coil pieces. They were a perfect addition to a coil &q…

Faux Cotton Stem Wreath

Anyone else in love with Fixer Upper and the Magnolia style? I am, but my wallet isn't. I really wanted some cotton ball stems without going out of my meager decorating budget, so I made my own thanks to this awesome tutorial @
Not too bad with just cotton balls, pine cones, glue, and sticks. I'm sold.  And it was a fun project to make while watching tv. 
For a while the stems sat in a vase on the mantel, but that got old. With the change of seasons I get the urge to shake things up decor wise. 
Nearly every fall I dig out this wreath and do something different to it. Originally it looked like this, with homemade scrap fabric flowers. Last year I added a scarecrow among the flowers but forgot to take a picture.  This year I was a bit over the orange and wanted to embrace my love of every turquoise hue. Its still early in the "fall" season, so orange may be added later...who knows. I usually decorate on a whim. 
 (ignore the discolored s…

Sealing Over Paper Tip and More Game Tables

Well, its been a sporadic summer of posting, but summer is over now and its time to get back to blogging about what I love doing. Kids are back in school (2 of the 3 anyways) and I am getting some time back to myself.

One of our family's favorite summer activities is yard saling. Couple that with the regular "treasure hunting" trips on garbage day, and I've hoarded out the basement to overflowing. Literally. There is an old dresser sitting in the grass next to the kid's playhouse because there is no more room inside. Twice now my husband has begged me not to bring home any more new pieces to work on until I've cleared some more space. Sounds fair...but I still brought home two dressers in between these talks.

He hasn't taken away the car keys yet! In my mind, he's only half serious. He could take the van to work and leave me with the sedan which would seriously limit me in my hoarding capabilities. Luckily he doesn't read my blog so I don't hav…