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Sweet Little Side Table

This is as close to a wordless Wednesday as I'll ever get.

Can I tell you how much I adore the legs on this table? They are my favorite part of this darling little garage sale find. 

that hideous busted basket is going in the trash! 

click here to see this recipe of DIY stain


part of the "mudroom"

click here to see the mudroom bench transformation

Rainbow & Free Dollhouse


Ladybugs & Lilies

Winter stubbornly refuses to leave.  Monday after Mother's Day brought a 2 hour delay for school due to the snow and ice. Three days later and its still snowing in spurts. 
Fine then, mother nature, I'll have my own spring indoors.  
I'll have some ladybugs mixed in with my mother's day lilies, thank you very much. (thank you, dear husband, for the beautiful flowers, they made my day)
folding chair was a curb discard = FREE (& ugly & dirty) padding needed washing  added an extra square of egg crate for more cushion for my cushion (not that it needs it, lol) 

the lady bug fabric was a remnant bin find the remnant bin is a frequent stop on my Walmart circuit, ya never know what goodies are waiting

This chair needs to be functional for outside & for kids, so I  sealed the fabric with Mod Podge Outdoors. I would have tried Mod Podge Fabric, but Hobby Lobby was out.  Since I haven't used either I'm not sure if one would work better against melting Popsicles…

Trashed Sofa Table to Mudroom Bench

After dropping my daughter off at school I cut through the neighborhoods on the way home. From the backseat I hear a whiny, "Not treasure hunting again!" from my son. 
Oh yes, we are treasure hunting! These neighbors throw out great stuff!
 Like this sofa table. 
Its sturdy, not-from-Ikea-quality.

Has some water damage, but that's minor. 
It needed a good scrubbing and vinegar bath (water damage leads to mold which had to be killed and sanded off Click here for mold removal tips). 

I chopped the legs down to about 17 inches tall. With the padding added it should give the bench a height of 18-19 inches. Perfect.

I mixed up a custom color from paint on hand using my fave chalk paint recipe from Elizabeth & Co.
Love this fun duck cloth from Hobby Lobby. It was easy to use the pattern as a guide to make sure the finished product had an even look.

 Its about the length of a four and a half year old.
Its sturdy, securely holds myself and kids, roughly 240 pounds.

Some ligh…