Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Woodland Fairy Houses

I've been participating in the Craft Challenge Linky party, Click Here for the July Link-Up.  This months theme was sticks or anything nature related. While camping my little girl and I took a walk to collect fun things to make a fairy house. It would make a nice memento of our camping trip, right? We had a good half a bag loaded up which my husband later mistook for a bag of kindling. ~frowny face~ 

It rained, it poured, mist rolled over the lake we were set up next too, it was COLD! And then night came with more rain and cold. By morning we were ready to go. I didn't even care that most of our fairy house supplies were burnt up, there was no way I was going to hunt for more. 

The dark bark pieces and the mossy-fungusy-whatever-it-is on top of the pinecone roof is about all that made it home. The rest has been scrounged up near our home.
I just LOVE the gnarled stick to the right of the doorway. 

Building Particulars:

 The base of each house is a tin can, which in time will rust and add character.

This roof is an old tea kettle lid.

The pine cone roof is supported by an inverted yogurt cup spray painted brown. We'll see how the elements affect the exposed plastic....


I literally stole the mossy bits from church, right after service, using my sermon notes to carry them to the car. Its probably the most rebellious thing I've done since puberty. Walkin' on the wild side here! lol
The moss frames a "lake." Yes, blue rocks would look more lake-ish, but I only had this color on hand and I'm cheap like that. 

Its a good start to a fairy garden pot. Most of the "big" elements are there, just need more plants, maybe I'll steal more moss, hopefully I'll find more gnarled sticks to space around. 

 And here is the wingless fairy family. Its my family. Off to hunt for something "wingy" to glue to the back. Maybe some interesting seed pods? 

Kudos to everyone who makes a fairy garden. I have a new appreciation for the amount of time and energy spent in putting one together. Its a lot! :) 

2 Crochet Hooks
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cabinet Door, Frames, Old Wood & Fences

Just a small collection of upcycled and reused materials turned into home decor.

Ok, I just wanna add another link to the Salvaged Wood linky Farmhouse Style Series at Knick of Time. Click over and check it out. 

Fence Pieces to "aged" World Map Display

close ups 

fence pieces before
drying outside after a good scrubbing before staining with DIY vinegar/steel wool/coffee grounds/black tea bags/&rusty nails...just to be thourough, lol
placed on a stair case ledge/picture ledge next to a re-purposed frame

Trashed Frame to Map Display

Found this wonderfully sized frame on trash day. I was literally racing ahead of the trash man to get to this curb loaded with goodies.

Anyone else raid neighborhoods on trash day? Ever had someone come outside and question your rummaging? The owner of the house came out and eyed me suspiciously. I asked if I could take her frame and she gave a weird sounding yes, like, why would anyone want that piece of junk?

frame before
One corner is dented but that is the only flaw. The best part, it still has the original glass! Score!!!!

Cabinet Door turned Chalkboard

Cabinet door was found at the Restore for $3. The original handles I had bought to turn it into a tray didn't "fit" the look I was going for so I thought I would try something different. Different meant threading hanger thru the holes then wrapping it in twine. 

It was painted in Trattoria Teal by Behr then wiped with stain. The dresser top in the background is the original color, just to show how staining it switches up the look. I like both. 

Here is the current quote. 

Restore plank Sign

Also from the Restore was this lovely plank for a whopping .60cents. 

I used homemade chalkpaint sloppily brushed on so that the dark paint it came with could show thru. Then dry brushed on some white acrylic paint before stenciling with more acrylic paint in Granite Gray. Loved the look so much that I decided not to sand it as originally planned. 

Its currently chillin' on top of the kitchen cabinets waiting for me to hang it above the pantry doors...I can be soooooooooo lazy sometimes. lol

Display Frame Board

Also painted in Trattoria Teal and then more generously stained. 

See how the stain is gooped in the corners? 

Can't remember where the wood pieces came from. They were lightly stained with the same DIY stain as mentioned above. 

A rusty screw holds the bookpage star wreath. It looks great on our fireplace mantel, that is until Dear Hubby stores his Xbox in front of it. ~sigh~ That is our life. 

I totally enjoy reusing old materials and renewing their purpose...hence the name of the blog: Reduce, Reuse, Renewed or Renewed Projects (I"m indecisive like that, lol). 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Anchor Tote -- Pinterest Inspired

I am a total Pinterest addict, love it almost as much as my morning cup of coffee. Almost! And recently someone introduced me to Hometalk...how did I not know of this before????? I will bath less just to have time to peruse these sites! So.many.good.ideas!

Kim @ The Kim Six Fix blog inspired this anchor tote. I discovered her version via Pinterest and added it my gift ideas board. Since my sister loves anchors, this seemed like a fun gift to make for her.

Kim told no lies when she said it took forever to wrap the rope around, and around, and around....

The differences between her version and mine is that I used this container instead of a Tidy Cat Litter container. Found it on my weekly Trash-day Treasure Hunting.

Also, I didn't paint the inside since it was white.

Using soap, water, and elbow grease, I removed the sticker so it wouldn't show between the ropes.

Created a handmade stencil from this wooden craft anchor & a macaroni box. It worked like a charm once secured with painters tape.

I opted to keep the lid and the original handle, they were too convenient to bypass.

It was a back-and-forth conversation with myself on what to do to the lid.

Nautical style-stripes?
More rope or cord?
Add the wooden anchor to the top?

Ended up Mod Podge-ing map pieces with some rope around the edges. Turned out cute.

side view with cord wrapped handle

without lid, front view

Inside the tote I added this storage container from Target & an elephant bag from Dollar Tree (she also likes elephants). Eventually a couple books were tossed in, too, not pictured.

Not too shabby a job.
Happy very-early birthday sister! 

UPDATE: my sister texted this pic of her new yarn caddy. :) 

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Paint Sticks & "fill in the blank"

What to do with a box of paint sticks? Like fine wine, they pair nicely with other items to create a visually appealing palate of creative, yet functional, items.

Paint Sticks & embroidery hoops + lamp shade

For awhile now I have wanted to redo these trashed-jug-bedside-lamps, the Mod Podge paper map & book sheets just isn't doing it for me. I think its the dynamics of our room, which is pretty eclectic and super messy. Between the piles of laundry, dusty stacks of books, and random kids pictures taped to the wall, the mismatched paper shades added to the messy look.

In addition to decluttering, its time to add pieces with more substance. (That makes total sense in my head but may not translate well to others.)

So what does a lamp shade with substance look like? From my mind to your eyes: like this.

Inspiration found here, but I am partial to my free version. ~wink, wink~

The first attempt was a fail. Following this tutorial on Hometalk, I, too, found that a drum lampshade would be MUCH easier to work with. Trying to work with the cone shape, the highlighted section shows where I tried to overlap the sticks on the top...ehhhhhhh, still too "gappy" near the bottom. 

Pulling everything apart and starting over, the paint sticks were overlapped with the embroidery hoops in-between the two layers. WIN!                                                                                                                                                     And did I mention that I spray painted the logo-sides of the paint sticks a lovely off white color? Helps bounce some light around and plenty does get through. 

Paint Sticks & Lattice

Have you seen these beautiful stripped stars by Scavenger Chic or The Sophisticated Hillbilly? Totally inspiring for a star aficionado. 
The most "pain staking" part of this project was sanding off the Home Depot logo. They were stained with homemade stain...so maybe sanding was an unnecessary step, but I didn't want to take any chances on the logo peeking thru.

Measuring out the paint sticks was easy...getting the lattice pieces to line up was a bit trickier. Not as clean-cut of a look as the above bloggers' versions, but still totally adorable. 

I'm crushing on my own craft. It just might be my personal favorite for the year.

Still have some paint sticks left over...What to do? What to do?